What happens to your hormones when you stop breastfeeding?

I am about to stop breastfeeding and heard that my hormones get out of whack, my metabolism slows and I lose a lot of energy

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I stopped breastfeeding in Feb after breastfeeding for a year and 6 months. I can definitely say it’s bitter sweet. I lost a lot of energy I had while breastfeeding and I thought that was so weird but it made things so different for me.

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If you slowly wean like nature intends for us to do it is easier on our bodies and on the babies

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Yes you will go threw hormonal changes and yes your metabolism will slow down. You’re body is changing and your life style will have to as well. It’s not bad.

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I felt like my metabolism sped up after I stop breastfeeding! I couldn’t figure out why I had such a hard time losing weight until it just fell off when we stopped breastfeeding. Although that’s not why I stopped I had no clue that would even happen. I was hormonal as well but I don’t recall if I lost energy from it because I’m tired all the time anyhow since this last one was my fourth and I’m almost 40.

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Currently weaning. I did it slowly over a few months. I’ve noticed my appetite has decreased a lot! I feel very sad/depressed but I’m assuming that’s the hormonal change.

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I gained all my weight back. Ugh.

Nothing bothered me after I stopped breast feeding. But I was 17.

My kids weaned themselves and I didnt notice a difference. I stayed my pre pregnancy weight and I had the same level of energy. I took a prenatal the whole time so maybe that helped, I breastfed my first for 2.5 years and my second for a year.

I have breastfed 3 kids and stopping didn’t affect me at all like that.

I didn’t notice anything at all. I stopped at one year as they drank less and less, so maybe that’s why.

Never had that issue

Personally, nothing happened to me but I’m sure every body is different.

You get pregnant lol


I got soooo much energy back. I felt like my old self. Then I started dropping weight (I gained while bfing) and then I got pregnant… now I’m bfing again while I type lol

When I had my son and stopped nursing him that is when I put on weight

I was way less drained when I stopped breastfeeding and the only other thing I noticed was I got my first post baby period about a month later 🤷