What happens when you and your spouse grow apart?

So this is going to be kinda a weird post. But I am curious. Please, no bashing me; I just want to openly discuss something. I have been with my husband since I was 15 years old; I am 31 now. We have children together, a house together, we both have a job, be both contribute to housework and family. But what happens when as you grew, you grew apart? Your taste changed? You aren’t attracted anymore. Your personalities clash…My husband and I are both white, and as I got older, I was no longer into that. This is just thought like I said, so please do not bash me. I don’t have many friends.


That depends. My husband and I grew apart. We separated. Then we became friends again. Started finding things that we loved about each other. We grew closer once again. Now we are stronger than ever before. To me, the hard parts in your marriage help determine how strong your marriage will be. There are of course reason to leave, but marriage does require hard work too. As far as you not being attracted to him cause he is white, idk. I’ve never dated a white guy before. If you are no longer attracted to him it would be hard to stay in the marriage.

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No bashing just asking for clarification. Are you no longer attracted to your husband and are seeking an interracial thing?

Feelings change , it happens. My ex and I grew in different directions and we got divorced but are still like best friends.

Why stay with someone if you aren’t attracted to them? I’m 31 been with my husband since we were 13. I love him so much but if I didnt i wouldn’t stay and be un happy. Be happy life is to short can always stay friends.


At the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy and what is best for you. Have you talked to your husband about this?


Am I reading more into this? What does ur race have to do with it! Have u ask ur husband how he feels! Talk it out first ! Everyone has to be on the same page! Because if not . It might be a disaster!

Seek to find the reason (s) why you are feeling unhappy. Sometimes couples do grow apart if they’ve been together for a long time. Oftentimes the way they treated us to court us, date us, is not the way it stays in the marriage. They have what they desired and no longer work at it. However, my suggestion is that if you know you’re unhappy, staying is doing you no favors. You’ll end up resenting this man. Do what’s best for you. The hell what anyone else has to say.


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I have been with my husband since I was 15 and he’s my best friends and the love of my life we are 39 … if your not happy then you have to talk to him …maybe do Date once a month… go away for the weekend just you two to see if you the butterflies :butterfly:come back . Sometimes that’s what u need


Attraction comes and goes, or ebbs and flows I should say. After this long do you honestly think another person would “get” you, like him? It’s hard to find. A long love like you have. Even if you find a person next week and enjoy them and end up happy, it’d be a long long time to get that same connection, with the new one. Also, how about if the tables are turned and he felt like this, that’d hurt I bet. Just don’t be ungrateful about what you have because it’s not on trend. Or because it’s boring. Of course it’s boring after so long…It’s still a good and beautiful thing.

It happens… you’re not the same person you were at 15…

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It’s okay to just part ways on good terms. If you don’t want to work on your relationship it’s okay to separate. It happens, and sometimes people are better as friends than partners. You both can still have a good relationship as friends and parents for your children.


You stay and make it work? You made a commitment and you have children.


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After all the time, effort, and emotion you both have invested in your relationship, please go to couples counseling before doing anything drastic. You owe each other that.


Are you no longer doing nails ??? Go to marriage counseling they can help you. What do you mean that you and your husband are both white colour of your skin is not the problem its how you feel about each other Dont stay in a marriage because of the kids

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