What helped with your depression and anxiety?

Hey moms, I was wondering what you have found to help with depression and anxiety. I’ve been so off lately, and all I want to do is cry. I don’t want to do anything anymore. I feel like a horrible mom; I sleep but don’t rest. I feel exhausted and just want to give up. I don’t work, but I babysit, and lately, it’s been extremely hard to keep up with everything. I don’t feel like cooking and just make something really quick I don’t like depression medicine because it makes me zone out so bad and gives me more of a numb feeling where I lose track of time. I want to take something natural, or what do you moms do to relax? I can also be perfectly fine having a great time, and out of completely nowhere, I get sad and want to cry and be left alone I don’t know what to do, and my family and friends don’t understand what I’m going threw they just tell me to stop and shake it off, and it frustrates me, even more, I’m so sorry for the long post I really am and thanks for reading if you’ve read this far


Start with better sleep. Cbd gummies.

Cbd! I use the red and it helps my depression, anxiety and pain.

I went through the same type of situation. I tried various OTC products. St John’s Wort. I ultimately needed to get on an anti-depressant. Started at a very low dose but I started cognitive behavior therapy which helps A LOT

Have u considered getting checked for bipolar? I have bipolar and these symptoms mimic mine when I’m not on my care schedule. Been healthy and level for many years now tho…

I have never believed this until recently when I started but exercise in the morning!

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Therapy and medication. Either way, talk to your doctor so they know you’re dealing with depression.

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I don’t know how you feel about it but marijuana helps me alot.


Try evening primrose gel capsules, very natural

I urge you to look up the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. So much of energy depends on the fuel we put into our bodies…

So many time in my life I could have written this. I totally understand. The problem is everyone is different.
Things that help me are Zinc vitamins in a low dose and Vitamin D supplements. I also find if I work out and eat healthier I generally feel better. I also understand being to depressed to cook or get up. Be gentle to yourself.
There is no shame in anti depressants, but I also don’t like taking them. If you have to, to get through a rough spot please do.


Try Strava Craft Coffee is calming and delicious. Stay strong momma you have friends here🖤

Get sunshine, exercise. Look up nutritional deficiencies which contribute to depression

Good upbeat music turn it up n have a good dance about the house even if u don’t want to just do it youll feel great after… Like fuck it!! Lol

I got put on an anti depressant.

I stopped taking my antidepressants/antianxiety medication in July. I found that yes it did help to an extent but like you said, I felt a numb feeling. So. I stopped it and I have used cardio to help. Before you think I’m a gym person, I am most certainly not! Last tax season I got myself an exercise bike for super cheap. I quit smoking in July as well! So basically, I have used this year to fix me without medicine.
I’m also a stay at home mom for the last almost 4 years and I do not leave the house often(even before covid).

Basically, I’ve just made some personal changes and I’ve been noticing a difference. This month marks 5 months a non smoker and I replaced the habit with cardio.

Good luck! I hope you find something that will help​:heart::heart:


Find a doc that will listen. Be honest with your symptoms and feelings.
I was against antidepressants HARDCORE. I had taken them before and never liked em and they never really worked.
Had my son and my post partum was overwhelming. I couldn’t bond with my kid, I didnt feel the love everyone kept saying I would. I hated being a mom…but I knew that my thoughts weren’t exactly right but they were real.
Saw my doc, honest with my symptoms and now I’ve been on Lexapro for a year and holy shit, the difference in my personality and demeanor is beyond what I expected.
I LOVE my kid! I still make time for myself cause we all need it to some degree but I can handle weeks with him and not have a meltdown like before. Im able to show affection and reciprocate those emotions now (tho its learned, pretty sure I have aspergers or another form of high functioning autism so emotions are not natural for me)I had little hope when he gave it to me. I’ve made leaps and bounds and to think, I was about to push my biggest help away cause ‘I dont like antidepressants’

I was on anxiety and depression meds that did help a ton…but ultimately I wanted to do it naturally. First, see your doctor and do blood work and make sure all your vitamin levels are normal. Deficiencies play a huge part in anxiety and depression. I take my prenatals because I am expecting, I take St. John’s Wort and I do yoga and walking/hiking and sometimes if I am having a really crummy day I meditate, can be just 10-15 minutes but it helps. Many apps you can download for free for yoga and meditation.

You need to see a doctor

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Thrive, has definitely Changed my life. I started about 5 years ago. I was over weight, not sleeping. Beyond depressed & anxiety was an understatement.
Thrive filled my nutritional gaps, got me sleeping way better, I have lost over 100lbs & have been able to maintain that. Once I started the life change just haven’t looked back since. I have all day energy, mental clarity is amazing. I can definitely keep up with the kids. Workouts are amazing.