What helped you go into labor?

Other mamas, I need your help! I’m pregnant with my 3rd, and my due date is tomorrow, Nov 28, with no signs of labor and only at 2cm since last Monday. I’ve walked, done squats. I’m over it lol my first two we’re born around 38 weeks and some odd days. Why is this one so stubborn!!!??? Any tips or tricks that worked for you all?

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Mopping ! Lots of mopping

Sex spicy food long drive stimulation to nipples and today is the 28 hun

Pineapples and pineapple juice

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I walked A LOT outside then I went to a loud ass movie where the seats moved and bam in labor two hours after I got home.

Nothing helped me. I had to be induced. My son was way too comfortable lol. We tried lots of sex, driving down very bumpy roads, eating spicy food and drinking a ton of water

Bouncing on a exercise ball worked like a charm & lots of walking :hugs: Both of my babies were stubborn (both stayed in 40+ weeks :weary:) Hang in there momma!!

Can’t always go by the due date. My son came 1 week and one day after my due date.

Ice cream…lot’s of it

Squats during a hot shower and drink lots of hot tea

I got my memebranes stripped and it worked exactly 7 days later

Spicy food and pineapple

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My 3rd was 2 weeks late

Walk round the park and when got hospital bounced on a ball for at least an hr

My mother carried my brother an extra thirty-one days exactly. His due date was on my birthday, 8 year old me prayed he would not be born on my birthday, my prayer was answered lol. That being said the doctors I had for my pregnancy said sex… orgasm is most important, the orgasm will trigger contractions. My first was 11 days past her due date, my second was 2-3 weeks early, doctor induced her because he was a jerk, my son missed his due date by 46 minutes.

My son was born at exactly 41 weeks. I tried everything, even had my membranes swept 4 times! I firmly believe the baby comes when it’s ready not when we are. I know you are beyond ready but that sweet baby of yours just needs a little more mommy time :two_hearts:


Stretch n sweep can help. But mainly have to wait til bub is ready.

Nothing the baby will come when it’s ready


Exercise ball. Sex. Nipple stimulation. Squats

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I drank orange juice and Castro’s oil