What is a cute way I can tell my husband I am pregnant?

I just found out I’m pregnant with our 2nd child. What are some cute ways to tell the hubs. I will have the ultrasound done before I tell him so I will have the baby pictures.


You could do a Valentines themed one, that would be cute :slight_smile: congratulations!


I wouldn’t necessarily say it was cute but I told mine by blindfolding him and then having him sit down at the table. When he removed his blindfold there was a shot of whiskey a cigar and the pregnancy test


Play a game of Charades

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The “big sister/brother shirts” lol


Put a shirt on your other child under a jacket that says big sister, or big brother and have him take their jacket off :slight_smile:

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I always wanted to do this, but never got the chance to:

Put a bun in the oven and then go ask him if he can check on the food in the oven a few minutes later. I’d imagine he’d look at you and say, “a bun in the oven?” And you could tell him there is a bun in the oven. Imagining it in my head looks better than typing it out… LOL :joy:


:tada: congratulations :partying_face:
If your hubby works and usual you make his lunch, dye his sandwich!
Or leave the wrapping on the sliced cheese and write on it !

Give him the test in a gift box and tell him your bought him a present

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Does your husband not live with you full time? Mine would be upset/hurt if he didn’t get to be there and witness the ultrasound because I kept it from him. That’s usually a special moment for parents to be.


With my second child I bought the cutest onsie that I knew dad would love and put it in the cutest box with helium balloons that said congratulations.

Put a bun in the oven and see if he gets it lol

Put a blindfold on him and feed him baby food and see if he figures out what it is lol

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I told my inlaws by buying a knitted sock monkey hat and knitted bottoms to go with it. I put the outfit in a box and put the sonogram in it like the picture was wearing the knitted outfit and closed it up and gave it to them. They looked at it and saw the outfit and the sonogram was inside it. They loved it. My mother in law loves sock monkeys. You could always do something like this. Then when baby is born get pictures taken of the baby in that out fit.

Do a meal with everything baby ,like baby carrots,baby spinach,baby muffins,little red smokies,you get the picture.


Go to a store and just start throwing baby stuff at him like random baby things see if he catches on. Throw some stuff in the buggy


Replace his toothbrush with the pregnancy test!


I would def tell before the first ultrasound. I feel like that would be upsetting for dad to not know before then but that’s just me. That said I’d just do a baby shirt or something


It says ‘big sister confirmed’

When he came home from work, I told her to go show daddy her belly, she did it like a champ!


I did a pregnancy announcement box. It was on father’s day, so that made it easier. I put the pregnancy tests in there, a first father’s day onesie, a new dad ribbon, an avocado rattle cause he’s Mexican and loves avocados (which became our baby theme) and other little cute stuff. And then I told him I have something planned but it required us going to dinner my treat wherever he wanted. And he picked the perfect place, and with our glasses of wine, I gave him the box.

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