What is a good body wash for babies?

What body wash do you like to use for your baby? What is a good one to buy? I’m a new mom and would like recommendations, so if you can tell me what you like to use and why I would appreciate it, I have been looking at all the dove products for babies, but I am not so sure


I used to use Johnson’s vapour bath for my daughter it’s great before bed time or if they have colick warms them. Nicely or for just regular bath time Johnson’s baby soap.is nice

My daughter can only use dove baby sensitive

I bought the walmart brand. My kids never had issues.

Dove, head to toe. With Johnson’s bedtime lotion.
Love it!! Never any rashes or acne like some babies get… Her skin is soft and clean, smells great.

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We started with Dove, but then switched to Mustela. It’s 10000% the best product out there. It leaves no film, leaves his skin soooo soft & smells AMAZING.

Baby Bum. I had a issue with Johnson and baby bum cleaned it up in 2baths

aveeno baby for eczema

Dove is really good but johnson and Johnson i always used and it worked out fine :wink: their lavender night time stuff smells sooooo good, but id start with one free of dyes and scents just in case baby has sensitive skin

Johnson’s night time bath lavender scent. And lotion.

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Mater Mother’s Baby Wash :ok_hand:t2:

My daughter has sensitive skin so we use baby dove and aveeno

Dove or aveeno do us great! We both have eczema

This one is my favorite!

I was using Cetaphil baby wash and shampoo, but switched to Norwex baby wash.

I like dove, aquaphor, & the hello bello brand!

Aveeno or Baby Magic Lavender scent at Walmart

Dove, mine is almost 7 and still uses it

We used aveeno or Johnson and johnson

If I had any babies I would would use lavender and chamomile but it is a lotion named my fair