What is a good book series I can start getting my niece?

For each holiday I get my son one of the Pout Pout Fish book series that tells a story about that holiday. I want to start the same tradition for my niece but I’m having a hard time finding another series, one possibly a little more “girly”. Any suggestions? Thank you!


No suggestions here , but is she a ** girly ** girl or would she enjoy the * boyish* books

Magic treehouse, goosebumps, anything scholastic

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Depending on age. Llama llama has holiday books. Or older the rainbow fairies have holiday books. I believe there is a few holiday geared books in the “if you give a…” series as well for a younger child.

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Definitely need an age :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dork diaries, Ramona series, Nancy Drew, The Princess in black, The baby sitters club.

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My almost 8 year old loves the Junie B. Jones, Ivy and Bean, and Phoebe and the Unicorn series.

Little House on the prairie

Ask her what kind of books she likes. Not every little girl is into pink and princesses.


Depending on age, my daughter is into captain underpants series and she’s also into diary of a wimpy kid series


It’s not about holidays or anything, but, the fairy garden books were amazing, and definitely an adorable read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If she’s little Llama Llama books are adorable! If she’s a little older, The Owl Diaries are good!

I always loved “The boxcar children” and “The babysitters Club”. My daughter loved “Michigan Chillers”

This sounds more like a picture book about holidays. Another series like that is “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed”… https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/books/there-was-an-old-lady-who-swallowed-a-bat-by-lucille-colandro/


My daughters love listening to the silly antics of Amelia Bedilia. That was my favorite book series growing up. Or perhaps Eloise, not sure who writes those books but they are good for a girl as well

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My girl loves Fancy Nancy, Tallulah books (by Marilyn Singer) We add to her series at the holidays too. Also Narwhal and Jelly books by Ben Clanton.

The Boxcar Children. Little House on the Prarie. Lemony Snickets. These are good for older kids. There was no age mentioned in the post.

Llama Llama series… all my kids love it

Junie b Jones… Babysitters club…Harry Potter depending on age

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Judy blume is a great author junie b Jones is good what is the age? If you have a barnes and noble go there they have a great displays like that