What is a good brand of stretchy pants that I can get my daughter?

My daughter, who’s 4, is on the bigger side for her age. It’s very hard to find things, mainly pants that fit good. She’s a size 10 in the waist but needs maybe like a size 6 for length. It’s hard finding pants that have the snap button because she isn’t very good with a regular button right now. Stretchy pants don’t seem to work either. Is there a good brand that will work with her size & height?


Leggings my daughter is potty training and leggings are easy for her to pull up and down

Jcpenney has husky sizes


I believe walmart has husky sizes as well and possibly target


If you have a Meijer in your area, their Falls Creek line is very good. The leggings are buttery soft and the waistband is not too tight but not too loose. I would say Walmart’s brand is my second favorite, but I don’t like the waistband as much. My daughter has the same tummy issues :wink:

Levis and just for me

You can always put Velcro behind the button at least until she learns to fasten them. It is also great for a quick temporary hem. As she starts school or gets interested in more she will slim up then you just undo the velcro hem😁 learned this with my son I got tired of hemming all his pants too

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I just put mine in a 10 and roll the bottoms. Lolol

The best I found was justice but unfortunately they are closing and have a lot on sale right now.

You can always hem her pants

Target cat and jack leggings

I know this may sound kinda of weird. If you have to money. I know if company that will make them for you. It’s called downs designs. My daughter has Down syndrome and she is short and Stocky. They are about 30$ a pair.

Leggings girl. My little boy even wears the plain black stretchy, tights-similar pants lol

Buy capris - that’s what I have to do as an adult (short girl problems are real).


The ballerina style jeans at Old Navy are great. Justice & Children Place can run a little long in length but have the snaps not buttons. Cat & Jack from Target have never let us down and come with a 1 year warranty. Also Jumping Beans from Kohl’s are great.

Childrens place has husky size

JcPenney has plus size

Check out the arizona brand at pennies and look for the justice brand also…

U need a husky or plus size used to have them at jcpenney

I have the same problem I do the different color leggings from Walmart and sweat pants from Walmart my girl just turned 5 but she is 4’1and 76lbs she has always been a pretty big girl she does not do buttons they are to hard for her and her butt crack is always hanging out if she does