What is a good first name for the middle name Charlee?

What is a good first name that will go with the middle name Charlee? [For a girl]

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I love Charlee for a girl

Rose, Rae, Lou, Angel

Amelia, Julianne, Jordana, alishia,

I have a Charlee Ann :heart:

I have a Charley Jaymes. She’s named after her grandfather on her dads side.

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Charlee is the middle name…


Names with multiple syllables.


John Charles
Charlee sounds like a first name to me, Charlee Ann

Hope, Mikaela, Kayla.

Personally I think a slightly bigger name sounds better with that as a middle name than a shorter first name, maybe just decide if you prefer a more modern name or an older name that has come back into fashion, like as in Harper vs. Vivienne. Just seems to flow nicer - depends on your last name.

Charlee Rose, Charlee Jayde, Charlee Monique

Rose. Mae, I think one syllable names would suit best

Kaylin, but also depends on last name and how it all flows together!

I don’t know my daughters name is Charlee Michelle :rofl::rofl:

I wanted to name this baby Charlee Rose if it was a girl but I decided against it.v

My grand daughter is Charlee Annabelle

Grace as a middle name.

I like Piper Charlee


What does your husband think?