What is a good formula for babys who spit up a lot?

My baby is 2-weeks-old. Ever since she was born, she has thrown up after every single feeding. What is a good formula for babies who spit up all the time? My doctor said there is nothing wrong with her but I feel like her formula isn’t agreeing with her.


Have her tested for GERD. Different formula options for babies who have it. Some medications help also. Ask your pediatrician

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are you burping the baby throughout the feeding or just giving them the whole bottle and then burping?! Sometimes it’s just as simple as needing to be burped every ounce or even half ounce.


Depends on the reasoning for spit up. Some babies just spit up and it’s fine! I’d consult with your physician. From experience if it’s not hurting them there may not need to be a switch. Switches are hard on their bellies too. Good luck :blush:

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The Enfamil Gentle Ease formula worked great for my son who spit up a lot too. After we switched to that formula he had little to no issues with spitting up.

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It’s hard to answer, it depends on why baby is spitting up. Neutramagen and Alimentum are both good for reflux and dairy intolerance but the first thing I would do is consult your pediatrician.

My babies doctors usually tried soy then If that didn’t work alimentum

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Gerber sooth worked for us and didn’t need a script for it

Enfamil AR only thing that worked for my daughter

It can also be the bottle, try pigeon wide bottle my sister’s daughter had the same problem and she changed the bottle

Small feedings more frequently, keep upright for at least 30 min after. Gentle ease is good. Also try a warm wrap on belly to help soothe. You can find happy tumi on amazon

Nutramigen or Alimentum!


I used Costco brand and honestly she still spit up (cause that’s just what babies do lol) but not as much as she used to when she was using enfamil

Similac has a formula specifically for babies that spit up a lot

Could it be Acid Reflux…My nephew had to get baby gaviscon perscribed off gp for it

I used Pure Bliss by Similac and it worked great for my daughter.

My daughter had to use Similac soy base.

Nutramigen worked for my preemie. We tried 3 different formulas before finding one that didnt make her vomit. I was pumping at first but after giving birth I had nexplanon put in(for the 2nd time) and the doctor didnt tell me it would effect my milk supply… anyway I highly recommend nutramigen to anyone who has a baby with tummy issues :slight_smile: I would talk to your doctor before switching though and during transition make sure you ween your baby off their current formula

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Similac Pro-total Comfort, my son is currently on this and we tried 8 different types including Soy. His bloating, spit up, fussiness and stinky poo went away after a few bottles. We also switched to Tommee Tippee bottles.

Some babies spit up alot…I had one who had to sit upright in an infant seat after eating!