What is a good home schooling program?

I’m looking into homeschooling my daughter. ( she’s two, so I have plenty of time to figure it out.) but I’m having trouble finding a program that isn’t heavily religiously based. Do any of you mommas homeschool? Or have a recommendation of a program that’s more academic and less religion-based?


It not really school but if u wanted to get her started you could try ABC Mouse

We do k -12 and abc mouse.

Look what are your state regulations are for homeschool. Some states you just have to have a plan and use examples how you’d teach, some require a full curriculum.

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Calvert academy offers homeschooling also

Some school districts have homeschooling options.

Keystone academy has been wonderful for our family. There are different options/cost. Allowing you to choose how involved you want to be and how much access you would like to have to a teacher.

I made up my own thing. Did lots of crafts and prints outs around that age. Also read lots of books, sight words etc. Starfall is good & free. As my kids went into prek I started using time4learning & still did my own thing.

We’ve used time4learning and power homeschool

Go through your school district when the time comes. I did homeschool for elementary school and again for middle school in two different programs. Both were directly through the district and neither was religious.

Timberdoodle!!! We use the secular package and love it!

There’s plenty of groups you could join also for information

Were trying easy peasy all in one homeschool this year it’s free and you can opt out of the biblical stuff if you’d like

Brain pop jr…star fall…time4learning…khan academy

Easy peasy homeschooling. Silly name, but amazing program! All the way through high school.

This was shared elsewhere earlier today: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbusytoddler.com%2F&h=AT0idZnhRRjSpl-fHE-C87ypZnmJ02VJmKGmaNv4ac4pAmUi-0p14-5mjWy-Vrz83QZ2QCAGvs_lkk_p9pHsVV0u-FKXSGkiejOpKMcaM7GpgdpAI72Bu1Ty1PSWbezGyAmt-XdAKpg&s=1

I don’t homeschool, however ABC Mouse is great and you can start at 2 years old.

There are online “public school” options. They vary by state but its accredited public school (secular) education. Then based off the online lessons you can branch off and teach add in whatever you want to

Last year we had our sons doing the Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) because Dayton local schools are like, almost the worst schools in the state and we didn’t want to do that to our sons. They sent us laptops, a printer, a bunch of books and stuff for science experiments. It took some work to keep our sons on task and finishing homework, but it didn’t have any more of a religious bent than any public school I’ve seen.

Ascellus works for us