What is a good middle name for the first name Charley?

What is a good name that goes with the first name Charley (For a girl)? My daughter is born in a few weeks and my husbands grandpa just passed away, we want to remember him. His name was Charlie.


Mae, grace, Anne, Lynn

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I’ve seen people do Charlotte & use Charley as a nickname also :slightly_smiling_face:

Charley Danielle. Charley Rose. Charley Isabelle. Charley Marie.

Ann, Jayne, rose,Melissa

Rae, Lynn, Kaye, Rose,

My daughter is Charleigh Quinn. Lol.


Mae , Rose , Elizabeth , Marie

Brun, French for brown. Charley Brun.

Grace, Faith , Paige :purple_heart:

What about giving her the nans name for the middle then she will have both grandparents names


We named our daughter after my Grandpa who was Charlie. Originally she was going to be Charley Grace, but my cousin had the same idea lol. She was due a month before me with a boy and we lived 5 minutes apart. Her boy is Charles “Charlie” and my girl is Charlotte Grace with her nickname being “Char Char”. Good luck!! I’m due with my second girl in 3 1/2 weeks!!

My granddaughters name is charli grace


I have a Charlee Chey (pronounced shy)

My daughters name is Carlie Madison and we wish now that we named her Charlie bc that’s what a lot of ppl have been calling her.

Charlie Rose or Charlie Pearl I like those.


Charley Rose
Charley Grace
Charley Faye
Charley Ray

I absolutely love the name Charlie for a girl <3 Charley abryn. Charlie Rayne

Charley-Anne Charley-Jade Charley-Reed Charley-Jo Charley-Fynn

My daughter is Charley Dawn