What is a good name that goes with the middle name Viola?

My best friend is having her first baby! They didn’t think they could have kids after 20+ years being together but surprise! Anyways they are having trouble picking a first name. The middle name is Viola after a grandmother. They are looking for something unique but not crazy. Thanks!


My daughter is Violet Jolene

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I am so into classic names/ old school names/ 70s names

Vivian Viola “vivi”


Athena is the name of my youngest daughter

My mother was Viola Mae


Rosalie Viola
Madeline Viola

And congratulations to them :blue_heart::blush:

I know viola is the middle name but I really like Viola Jean


My husband’s grandmother’s name was Ivy Viola…I think its beautiful


Viola is the middle name.
Ophelia Viola

Viola is a super trickey middle name since it is such a strong name.


Longer names like Cherish,Anastasia,Christina
Spencer,Rosalind,I also like Viola Rae

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Rose, Pearl, Joyce

Verda Viola that was my mother in law’s name

Evelyn Viola. Lyric Viola. Elizabeth Viola. Destiny Viola. Elise Viola. Lauren Viola. Hope Viola. Sloane Viola. Viola James. Abigail Viola. Claire Viola. Bliss Viola. Brooklyn Viola. Everly Viola. Viola Faith. Frances Viola. Gwendolyn Viola. Jocelyn Viola. Kimber Viola. Viola Leigh. Marilyn Viola. Pearl Viola. Scarlett Viola. Summer Viola. Winter Viola.

Rebecca, Mia, Mya, Grace, Anna, Ava. How about another loved ones name going back a few generations.

Emily. Also, make sure the initials don’t make something obnoxious.

Annaliese Viola, Catherine Viola

How about viola rae even tho violas first I think it’s so pretty

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