What is a good punishment for teens who snuck out?

So, the day has come… we just found out our two teens snuck out last night (13/15) to my stepson’s girlfriend’s house. I told my daughter (13) that we know, and I didn’t want to have a knee jerk reaction, but that there would be consequences… I just didn’t know what yet. I remember being a teen too, and I made my fair share of mistakes… but I need this to be a learning experience that she will remember. Not only that… but she is my mini-me… my little BFF… I’ve never really had to punish her before, so I’m at a loss for what kind of punishment there should be.:sweat: There will, for sure, be some chores today. Am I thinking no friends over/her going anywhere for the rest of the month of September? Idk… help a mom out.


Ask them to choose their punishment… they are harder on themselves than we could be!


Regardless of the punishment you decide I would also talk about how if something happened you would have no idea where you kid was. Explaining the dangers that come with it is what stopped me from sneaking out instead of getting grounded


When I was a teenager and I stunk mom took everything out of or room but the bed and

I would explain all the awful things that could have happened. I would ground with no leaving/friends, no phone/computer(unless supervised for school) and possibly no tv. Extra chores everyday. If she gets an attitude add more. Make sure she knows it’s not ok.i would also make them write you and their dad an apology note.i would say 2-3weeks.


Just remember… the harder you are the sneakier they get!

I had a heart to heart… I let her know about the bad in this world and if I dont know where she is… i dont know where to start looking for her.

Shes pretty forward w me now… I mean im sure she lies about things… but she tells me alot also


No social media or phones for a week


Explain to them how it can be dangerous.


You need to be the parent and not the friend. I lied to my parents years ago about where I was and on the way home I totaled my car. Things happen and they had no idea where I was.


Show her the dangers, human trafficking is real!


I got grounded from electricity and had my door taken off. I was 14 or 15 at the time. I never snuck out again and 20+ years later I still tell the story lol


No pocket money.

Tell them how disturbing it is that you had no idea where they were if something bad happened.

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Have them write a report about how many children go missing they could have easily been kidnapped running around at night especially if you have no clue they are gone


Take away all devices and make them write a 5 page had written essays

I’m going to say a total different thing. Tell them instead of sneaking out, let them tell you where they’re going, only of it’s a trusted place, and that if they need a ride there and or home to call you. It’s takes trust to another level. That’s what I had and I never snuck out. I had no beed


My mum grounded me for a month that worked I went to school then home I couldn’t even see my boyfriend

Be a parent and not their friend. Your job is to teach them, not coddle them. Find out why they snuck out? Is it cause they wanted to hangout more? When I snuck out, I wasnt even allowed to stay home by myself. I had to go everywhere with my dad and if I couldn’t go, he brought me to a relatives house. Plus no electronics. I only did it once and I had to earn back my trust.


No phone, take their door off, and an alarm system installed


Alarms… and then show them what could happen. Not just your speech, but maybe a video or something, not too graphic, but kods need to realize we aren’t blowing smoke up their ass. This is a scary possibility that happened so someone else

I snuck out once when I was younger and my mom took my door :+1: