What is a good tablet for a toddler?

Hello! I’d love to spare the lectures on giving kids tv time and all that. With that said, I’m looking for a tablet for my 2-year-old. He’s very behind on speech, and because of Covid, there aren’t many options for in-person help. The speech pathologist recommended two appts that have proven to be very successful, however, I’m not about to hand over my iPhone or iPad to my rambunctious toddler. Does anyone have any recommendations on a toddler safe tablet that will allow me to download apps without breaking the bank. I appreciate the advice, thanks.


Donna Spencer Do you remember what that blue tablet is? Is it a kindle fire? That thing has lasted forever! My older son (10) got it for Christmas when he was 4ish and now my 2yr old watches Netflix and plays games on it.

I got the Kurio kids tablet at Walmart and u can control app downloads an everything from ur phone too my son loves it an it comes with a silicone case

Kids kindle. It’ll last years.

Amazon fire with a kid case


Amazon fore kids tablet

Dragon touch tablet is what I use for my boys

I’ve got a Samsung Tab A through Verizon, I can control everything about it.

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Amazon. Yes it a kindle. Shawna Spencer Goentzel.

We love our kids kindle!!! You also get a two year protection program included. They will replace it if your kid breaks it!

Amazon fire is the best for little ones that’s what my boy has xx

The kids Pbs tablet is also a good one for toddlers my two year uses it and loves it

We have an Amazon Fire kids tablet. We got our daughter one and it has a super durable rubber case. I

This is what we have for our LO he loves it and is able to watch only what we allow him to for the limited time :+1:


Amazon fire 100% you get a full warranty with it, return no issue they will send you a new one should it break and you just return the old one in their box. Get the one with the cover. My kids chuck theirs across the house never breAks. It’s totally kid friendly and you can set restrictions. 10000 apps and games and you can use Disney+ and Netflix on them as well for long trips. 1000000000 percent worth the money and they are cheap.

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I would check the apps and see what devices it is compatible with.
I had to get my not so little boy an ipad since his apps for school we’re only iOs compatible.

I recommend getting an extra micro sd card to go with it. They storage on it isn’t a lot unless you get the newer ones

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May I ask what apps you were recommended I’ve been trying to find a couple that will my my lil guy


Kids fire tablet. If you are a member of prime you can make monthly payments on it. 2 year warranty. I replaced many tablets.

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If you don’t wanna spend $100 wait till Black Friday or cyber Monday… they go on sale for 50 percent off.