What is a good tablet for a toddler?

Hello! I’d love to spare the lectures on giving kids tv time and all that. With that said, I’m looking for a tablet for my 2-year-old. He’s very behind on speech, and because of Covid, there aren’t many options for in-person help. The speech pathologist recommended two appts that have proven to be very successful, however, I’m not about to hand over my iPhone or iPad to my rambunctious toddler. Does anyone have any recommendations on a toddler safe tablet that will allow me to download apps without breaking the bank. I appreciate the advice, thanks.

My son is 4 and has an Amazon Fire.

Irulu is what we started our kids on.

This is a wonderful tablet… you can buy it at Best buy and Target and I heard Walmart has it too and it comes with the case I got this one at Best buy and it was like $100 and it’s worth every penny cuz it’s got a section where you can do parental control and it’s only kids apps and then it can also switch to be a tablet you can use cuz me and my daughter share this one she knows to stay on her side and not to touch my side and I got a passcode that she doesn’t know so she can’t get onto the parental side only the kids side

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