What is a velamentous cord insertion?

Hi mamas, I’m 19 weeks pregnant. I recently had my ultrasound, I went online to look at the results, and they said, “There is a velamentous cord insertion noted. The fetal vessel’s course through the chorion to the placenta well away from the cervix, i.e., there is not a vasa previa. A velamentous cord insertion can increase the risk of growth restriction. Therefore recommend serial growth assessments. She will return in 6 weeks for a growth assessment. Recommend weekly nonstress tests from 32 weeks onward due to the susceptibility of the fetal vessels to compression”. Has anyone ever had this or dealt with this? The baby weighs approx 9oz, and they said healthy! But this still worries me have never had anything like this with my past three pregnancies. The dr did tell me not to worry about it. But of course, I and my hubby can’t help but worry.


I will say many of these baby’s turn out fine . There are many born a little early then normal. Just relax and let your doctor talk to you about it. I am sure he will reassure you . :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I’m going through the same thing I’m 22 weeks pregnant and my placenta is located in the front which is more dangerous for me because I have to have a c-section. I go for regular scans but so far he’s growing good and he’s gaining weight. I found out early in my pregnancy.

You never ever Google it. You ask the doctor to explain and you ask questions, or have them dumb it down for you, and you don’t leave until you understand. But you never ever Google it. I learned that the hard way.


I have marginal cord insertion and my dr said that more often than not these babies are born perfectly healthy! They put the terms in there so insurance covers the extra ultrasounds your baby will need to make sure they really are growing okay


Had this when I was pregnant with twins. Both babies were healthy and a good weight :slight_smile:

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Honey, I work in an OBGYN clinic as well as a maternal fetal medicine (High risk) OB clinic. Do NOT listen to strangers advice or try to interpret test results over the internet with Google or a random FB group. Doctors are professionally trained to assess, explain and interpret results of things like that, and this is an AWFUL way to stress yourself out and that’s not good for you or the baby. Honestly, I would turn off notifications and wait to talk to your doctor. Nobody here should be giving you advice or explaining rest results they’re not trained to interpret. Best of luck :purple_heart:


I had this with my first baby. Everything turned out fine. My advice is that you just be extra careful as the cord alot of times doesnt have the protective coating around the blood vessels near where the insertion is at so they are extra frail. It is good news that you dont have vase previa! The only differences it made for my son is that he had extra growth scans and he had a low birth weight. Other than that it didnt effect much. His umbilical cord was so thin at birth like a shoe string and there were exposed blood vessels and everything but he was still healthy and perfect. You and baby will be great. Good luck lady. Dont stress. God is sovereign.

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