What is a well balanced 50/50 parenting schedule

Need help! I’m trying to co-parent with my daughter’s dad (he just came into her life after three years) due to my ex blocking him on everything, and we had no contact, but my daughter and her dad have been spending time since November. I’m trying to find a balance and keep it 50/50. She’s about to start daycare as well so just trying to have a balanced schedule. Need help thanks


Week with you, then switch a week with him.

I do a 2-2-3 schedule. He is with me 2 days, dad 2 days and then alternate weekends and our son is almost 4. It works for us. But everyone that coparents and every kid is different. I know people that do a week on and a week off. They have schedules you can look at online


If you want it 50/50 then split time 50/50. Pick a set number of days that she spends with one parent then spends the same amount with the other.

My son goes to his dads wed and comes home Monday and stays with me until the following wed. We live 5 hours apart and that’s as close to 50/50 with his work schedule that we can get. Been doing this for over 4 years now.

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We do Sunday through Sunday but on his week I get our son Thursday overnight and on my week he gets our son Thursday overnight.

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We do Friday to Friday

We do a week with momma & a week with dad. We coparent well enough to give him back for parties ect even if it’s not our weekend. We rotate big holidays.

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I would do week days with you and weekends with him. Or just see how you and him line up with availability. My ex takes my kids usually weekends and if I need help during the week and he’s off he takes them.

Depends on the age of the child. Check with your local court house’s family court. I’m curious, why your offering 50/50? He wasnt around. If that’s your goal, I would do a gradual parenting plan…the older your child gets. The closest you two achieve shared custody.


Me and my ex have 50/50. I have them Sunday through Wednesday and every other Thursday. It works perfectly for our work schedules and we both get the same time

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I do week on week off with my son. And with my daughter, since he lives in a different city, he takes her on the weekends


Our son is 9. After 8 years of doing this. We don’t have a schedule. It works best for us flipping houses on our sons terms. Generally he spends 4-5 days a week with me. Never goes more then 3 days without seeing other parent. School week he sleeps at my house, otherwise he had rough days at school. Set schedule made for horrible transition between houses. Dad n I have a pretty solid co-parenting relationship tho. Kid comes 1st always.

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We do a 2-2-3 schedule, that alternates the weekends and love it. Our kids do great as well. I like it that way because I feel like our kids change quite a bit in a week and being away that long just wasn’t what I liked or my children’s dads. Different things work for different people though! Just an idea.


This was super helpful figuring out a schedule and splitting it equally and having a visual

Out of curiosity… if you’re offering 50/50 it seems like you believe he’s a decent/good parent who wants to be in his daughters life. Why was your ex able to block him? Couldn’t you have unblocked him? If he was a good father it’s unfair to let any man keep him from your child. However if there were reasons behind it, just make you sure you think it through fully before letting him back in that much so quickly, wait for consistency


Sunday to Sunday and we split half days on holidays and birthday.

I have a friend whose custody is:
Her: Monday and Tuesday
Him: Wednesday and Thursday

They swap everyone Friday through Sunday.

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Switch off every week?
You take her for a full week and weekend, and then come the next week he has her the full week and weekend and just keep going back and forth. Make sure he’s aware of drop off and pick up times if it goes with his schedule. Any dr appts that come up, y’all attend together. Ect.

I don’t believe switching weeks is a good parenting plan for the child. It’s not a stable environment for your child.