What is an acceptable parenting plan for a 3 year old?

I have a daughter who will be three in 4 weeks. Her biological father and his wife and new child moved over 8 hours away the first week of October… We are now trying to figure out an acceptable new parenting plan… He wants her for the whole summer, every other Easter, every other Thanksgiving, and every other new years, and every other Christmas… I do NOT agree with this… That is just too much travel time for a child her age … Especially considering when she get in kindergarten they only get one day off for Easter and two for Thanksgiving… That’s just too much travel time, in my opinion… And the WHOLE summer! I’d never get to take her places myself… So what I’m asking, what is an acceptable parenting plan in everyone’s opinion for a three-year-old… When they live 9 hours away. Oh, and I forgot to mention he wants her every fall break as well.


A week out of the summer, then alternate holidays till she’s 4 then make it a month out of the summer. That’s standard I think.


He chose to move away, I agree he needs to see his child but he needs to be more realistic. Obviously Easter and thanksgiving are out of the question. How long is her Christmas break and maybe a few weeks in the summer?


Mmm I would veto all that mess. She’s too young to be going that far away. I say half the summer and alternate holidays.


He can have spring break or Christmas break, switch off yearly. A week or two in the summer. I’d do a week every month or something like that too for the time being as 3 then maybe do a weekend every other month or something like that when she is older

I’m not sure for 3, but all too soon she’ll be in school and you don’t want to have to go back to court to change it then so I would make it now for future as well, my kids are 5&6 their dad moved 6 hours away, we had to meet halfway every other weekend and we rotate a week on week off in summer and he gets one week of winter break since their is 2 weeks here, we rotate all holidays


In my area the courts give every other holiday and 21 un-interupted days over summer. And being 8 hrs away will still often give every other weekend, not always but it’s not unheard of either

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Alternate holidays every year. 6wks in the summer.

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Pretty demanding aint he


My bf gets his boys 6 weeks in the summer … Supposed to get them alternate holidays too…they live 12 hours away

We live 5 hours from my step kids we get 1 weekend a month ( the longer weekends) every other Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday . One gets even years the other gets odd years. Then we have 5 weeks out of the whole summer. And we meet half way for pick up and drop off. This was established by the courts.

Add note: the girls were 3 years old when this all started.


Alternate holidays and do 2 weeks at a time at each house in the summer. Also alternate spring and winter breaks once school starts.

I was her age if not younger when I went to Texas for the whole summer at my grandparents house, I lived in Indiana at the time. I would only say no if it interferes with her school schedule. He gave his idea so now you need to come up with a compromise.


Why would he move that far away knowing he has a 3 year old daughter with you?


Small holidays like Easter is silly since not really off school. But seems really good actually. Trading holidays is great. And summers for you to have a break after all year :woman_shrugging:t2: be thankful he’s wanting to be involved. So many have deadbeats. Everyone wants to bash him for moving and don’t even know why.


Consult an attorney. Courts usually have parenting plans that can help. One parent is no more or less deserving than the other.

Maybe not the whole summer, but 6ish weeks is standard. Also, every other holiday is completely acceptable.


I’m sorry but he IS the father. So many would be downing him if he didnt want involved. Rotating holidays is only fair. And maybe split the summer, just because that is a big adjustment for a 3 year old. But if he is a good father then I dont see why he shouldn’t get as much time with her as you do. Children need both parents in their lives, regardless of their parents life choices (as long as it’s safe for the child)


Odd years yours even years his very SIMPLE

When my parents divorced my mom and I lived in PA and my dad in NC. I went to my dads every other year for thanksgiving and every other year for Christmas. If I had a longer break for spring break/Easter sometimes I’d go for that, but it depended on the year. As for summer I was home for 7-10 days at the beginning of the summer and 10-14 days at the end of summer. I averaged about 6 weeks at my dads, but that also depended on how snow days where that year. Now based off the reasons my parents divorced, my mom made it clear that getting me to and from his house was on him. A few years there was meet ups and meeting half way but only a couple times. I was also almost 10 when they split. My mom and I always took a vacation when I got home before I went back to school. I don’t know if it helps but that’s how my parents managed.

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