What is better, a mini-van or a SUV?

It’s partially about a current pregnancy, and I haven’t told many people yet. This is my question: I’m a few months away from giving birth to my third baby, and I’ll have three littles under 4. I’m going to have to upgrade my vehicle to have room for three car seats. I keep going back and forth between an SUV with captains seats as the second row and a third row in the back or the dreaded minivan (I’m just not a fan of them, but I do have a lot of respect for their being easy on families). So I need advice, SUV or minivan? I’d have my oldest in the back row and the infant and one yr old in the middle, so I’d have to go between the seats to strap my three yr old in. Trying to make the best decision for my family, please help bc I’m so conflicted


Having sliding doors made battling 3 car seats easier for us, and I loved my minivan

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I have a GMC Acadia with the captain seats in the rear. Just like a mini van inside but still an SUV.

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SUV!!! We have had 2 acadias and now a yukon xl, I LOVE IT. We will NEVER have a fun. 4 kids, 2 dogs and 2 adults fit inside w room to spare. Oh and all of our shit… stroller, wagon luggage.

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I know someone w a Ford Explorer they have 3 car seats all together … I guess depends on how big the car seats are

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3 row SUV! We have the Subaru ascent with a bench 3rd row and captains seats. It’s great

Minivan, sliding doors makes it easier & you can take 1 seat out and put 2 in the 3rd row and one in the front so you can easily get the 3 year old in and out

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Minivan!! Those sliding doors are amazing. My youngest two are 12 months apart so that was a big seller for me

I have a mini van and love it. So much room for all the kids, all of our stuff if we go camping or on vacation, lots of room for groceries etc and our dog can fit in if he comes with us. I have 4 kids though so need the extra room. Bonus they can all sit on each side with space in between so they aren’t fighting in the back constantly :joy:

Minivan arnt as safe as SUV we have a Tahoe it seats 8 we love it

I have a Buick enclave and I love it! We have 5 kids and no complaint

Mini vans have so much space. Its so great. Plus sliding doors means no worries about Littles hitting other peoples car with the doors. Plus much easier to climb in and buckle everyone up.

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We bought mini van last year and we love it!! We have 4 under 4

Just bought town and country minivan. Was more affordable then SUV was our thing. I’m loving it except once in awhile it makes me feel old. Just the stereotype behind a van :sweat_smile:

Mini van is better on gas then most suvs

I love the minivan! I was sold on the sliding doors

I love Honda Odyssey, remote doors, 2nd row 3 captain seats, bench back seat

I have 5 children and I ain’t driving no van. :rofl::rofl:


Minivan!! We have a Chrysler Pacifica and it’s so convenient. Stop and go seating, vacuum in the car, hands free doors. It’s so versatile!! I wish we would’ve gotten one sooner.

My hubs hates minivans too
But we ended up with 1 any ways lol
We have three also, and the mini can eliminates arguments for who “gets a window seat”, it gives tons of room for grocery hauls and christmas shopping and camping and weekend get aways taking the dogs to the vet if they have sleep overs
We’ve gotten alooooot of convenience from it