What is bilateral tubal ligation?

My doctor keeps referring to a bilateral tubal ligation. What does that mean because i just want my tubes tied


That is the medical term for tubes tied.

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It means getting your tubes tied, both of them (bilateral)

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Getting tubes tied. Bilateral just means that both fallopian tubes are being tied.

Meaning he is tying both of them. I had a bilateral salpingectomy meaning they removed both of tubes.

He’s being a little technical :joy:

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That’s what you’re asking for

They will put little clamps on both your fallopian tubes :slight_smile:

Bilateral means both sides. So tying both tubes.

I had that done three years ago
It’s when they remove your tubes

If you dont understand what the Dr is saying, you tell him that. Ask him to explain it to you so u understand. This is your health and it’s your right to stop the Dr. and have him or her explain everything to u so u fully understand. The more you know, you can make a better decision for whats best for you! You decide what you want done and dont! Dr.s arnt always right!


It means they’re tying/cutting/burning/whatever they’re doing, both tubes. In medical terms, Bilateral means “on both sides”

Bi means two. So bilateral means you’re getting BOTH tubes tied. Google is your best friend right now.

It means tying/ cutting both tubes. Bilateral means both sides.

Really research what u are doing. I HIGHLY recommend you Google getting them removed and the major benefits.

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Bilateral means both sides.

It does mean getting your tubes tied

My dr said they wont even tie them anymore I had to get mine removed, now a year later I’m scheduled for a hysterectomy next week.

Bilateral mean both tubes

Speaking as an operating room nurse this means they are going to “tie” both of your tubes. This can be done a couple of ways. I believe the most common way to do this is by actually removing the tubes. Research is showing that this can reduce your chances of getting ovarian cancer. Please talk to your doctor and get ALL questions answered.

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