What is good to use for tooth pain while pregnant?

I’ve been have really bad tooth pain for three days so far today is worse ! It feel like I’m biting down on a needle! Please help !


Gargle with some vanilla extract

Gargling warm salt water

Pepper mixed with warm water into a paste. Put directly on the tooth! Instant relief

Orajel but I would also call your dentist as soon as possible.

You can use Tylenol when pregnant

Honestly it’s weird but try children’s liquid tylenol. It has knocked out migraines for me . But check with doc since you’re pregnant.

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Bite on something hard, ice, paracetamol and speak to your dentist/gp

Nothing help my tooth pain and it was so bad I couldn’t move and I could feel it crack and I couldn’t eat and I was always scared to breathe in from my mouth or to talk cause of it it was like someone was in my tooth trying break out and so I had to have it removed

Try a slice of ginger root or a piece of clove. Get into a dentist for sure.

I used 2 tyneol. 1,000 mg while I was pregnant. It really helped!

If its infected gargling with peroxide always helped me.

Call your dentist, it could get worse.

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U can go to the dentist. The meds they give r safe. Just get a dental referral from your obgyn. And theyll pull the tooth. The doctor wont want u in so much pain while your pregnant. But youll need a referral or most dentist’s wont c u.

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Take a liquid gel cap pain reliver put a pin hole in it and squeeze some on and around the tooth .it numbs almost instantly and lasts for hours …

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Oragel should be fine

I had that issue too. I even went to the dentist they said it was normal and it just went away on its own. Good luck to ya sorry I have no remedies

tylonel and call your dentist in the morning

Sensodyne tooth paste and act mouthwash

Call 1800-fat-baby and they will tell you what is safe. They have all the updated information on what pregnant women can and cannot take.

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