What is it like giving birth during COVID?

I am set up to be induced in a few days. What is it like giving birth during the pandemic? Do I have to wear a mask the whole time? How many people are allowed in the room? Thanks mamas, I am freaking out.


Following, because I’m also curious :pleading_face::heart:

I’m due in dec with my 1st baby …idk what to expect

Could you maybe ring up the hospital and check…To put your mind at rest…


Idk if it’s changed since May or if your hospital is different but masks in the hall not in your room, 1 support person who can’t leave, no visitors


Yeah you can probably call labor a delivery to ask about how that’s doing to be.


I believe you have to wear a mask. Only visitor Can be father, and both of you will get tested at the hospital. If you have it, the baby will be taken until you’re tested negative.

I live in so cal and I just asked the question in my last appt. the doctor said: bring all your stuff with you to your appt to be induced. You can have one person in the whole time, they aren’t aloud to leave or switch out with someone else. They’ll test you for covid when you get there… not
Sure about the mask /: I don’t think I’ll be able to breathe with one while
Pushing :grimacing:

Canada Alberta I gave birth during the shut down of everything back in May. Mask only had to be worn in the halls and shared spaces. Only 1 person there the whole time, no trading with anyone else or coming and go. I don’t have anything to compare to, as it’s my first child. But it was fine. I didn’t need to get tested nor did baby.

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Most places have 1 person in the room with the mom, and that person has to wear a mask,but the mom does not. My friend just had her baby last weekend, and she didn’t wear a mask but her husband had to the whole time .

So depending on ur hospital I’d call to ask the questions however my hospital allows one support person the hole time can’t switch off, we have to wear a mask in triage and the hallway but once ur in ur own room u dont hav to wear it unless someone comes in and during labor we dont have to wear it. My support person can leave and come back but has to get his temp taken each time, some hospitals aren’t allowing the supprt person to leave at all though and some r requiring u to wear the mask the hole time

Your doctor could answer these questions better. Each expirence will vary depending on policy.

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Nothing much is different. They test you for covid when you first get there… you can’t really roam the halls, they wear masks and ask that you do when they’re checking vitals, etc… and no other visitors other than your support person.

I gave birth end of march just at the start of all this…
I was only allowed one person in delivery and at all times just one visiting.
They tried getting me to leave and go home just 4 hrs after delivery but i chose to stay the 24hrs.
Im not sure about masks though.

Where I reside (FL) 1 person during delivery and to stay over as long as they aren’t in and out. You’re allowed 2 visitors who have to wear masks during visiting hours.

Its 1 support person and no they don’t make you wear a mask during labor. They also give you multiple covid test

In Michigan and had my little one almost 6 weeks ago. They tested me for COVID and once that came back negative my husband nor I had to wear a mask in the room anymore. My husband was allowed to leave the room for food but he really had no other reason to leave. He was the only one allowed with me. All the nurses and doctor wore masks. If you like a lot of company it would be lonely. I would have loved for my mom to be there too but aside from that everything was wonderful and it was a nice personal moment with my husband :blush: good luck mama!

I went into false labor last week and they had me in a room with another girl and I had to wear my mask but once she got sent to a permanent room they let me take my mask off and from what I understood once you are in your own private room you don’t have to wear the mask! And only the father can be in the room no visitors

I was tested 2 days before I was induced and since I was negative, I didn’t have to wear my mask unless I was in the hallway. My husband was the only person allowed to be there with me/visit. And they preferred that he not come and go often. It depends on your hospital but that was ours in June. :slight_smile:

I gave birth to premature twins via emergency c-section during the pandemis. I had to wear a mask while in the operating room. I felt like I was suffocating, it was horrible… Only the father was able to stay with me and we had to wear a mask in our room when nurses and doctors walked in. He could not leave the hospital or else he wouldn’t be able to come back inside. Visiting the twins in the NICU was another story and we had to full blown wear a gown, gloves, mask, it was very annoying. But then 2 weeks later rules changed and we were told to only wear a mask. I suggest to call the hospital where you will be delivering and ask because things were changing around all the time back in May when I gave birth.