What is it like having tubal ligation?

just would like to hear your tubal ligation experiences, will be having it done soon.


It completely ruined my life hair started growing everywhere and now I have endometriosis I feel sick every morning it’s horrible don’t do it because none of this happened to me until I had my tubes tied


Almost 8 years and going strong.

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A breeze! In and out, little pain thst was easily stopped with ibuprofen. no issues after.

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Had mine with my csection. Haven’t noticed much difference. My cycles seem to be longer and more irregular but that could just be postpartum related

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I had mine done same time my c section and since been great , no issues nothing

I had mine done 11 years ago after my 3rd baby. The procedure itself only took about 1/2 hr and you can’t even see scars. I did have some issue w/ post-anesthesia recovery (I spent all day in the same-day surgery unit because every time I would stand up, I would get dizzy & vomit so they wouldn’t let my mom take me home until that passed). Once I did get home however, the recovery wasn’t too bad. I took a week off work just to be safe but really only needed to rest for a couple of days. I managed pain w/ Aleve (I’m allergic to ibuprofen) and anti-gas meds. The gas they fill you up with to do the surgery can make your neck and shoulders very sore. That was actually more painful than the 2 incisions they made to do the surgery lol. I don’t regret my decision AT ALL…I needed to do something more permanent because I got pregnant twice using the pill (different types, taken as directed, 7 years apart) :slight_smile:

It’s been 8 years and no issue here

Mine went very well and I had no down time from it

I got mine done with last cection (3rd) & I dont notice much. kinda of depressing when I get baby fever an I know I cant have kids anymore but probably a good thing I did or I’d have like 2 more :joy: I never really had any complications that I’ve noticed anyway .

Mine failed, I was tied,clamped, burn’t for 7 years, I now have a healthy thriving 4 year old

Mine was painful I had it done during my 5th C-section. My cycle. Changed drastically as well it became a lot heavier and lasts about five days longer.

I implore all women to research post tubal ligation syndrome before getting a tubal done. Doctors don’t warn about it and it ruins so many womens quality of life.

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I got mine clamped 3yrs ago and have had nothing but problems ever since. Periods are way more heavier than they were and the cramps are unbearable. One of the clamps are off. I do not recommend the clamps.

I had my tubes removed instead of tied. 0 chance of pregnancy and it reduces the changes of ovarian cancer. Best decision I’ve made.


Had mine 9 1/2 years ago when I had my son. Went home the next day because we had him circumcised and had to wait. Have had no problems and just a little pain from the incisions that I just took Advil or tylenol with

32 years strong,never a regret.

Had mine after 2nd child by csection did all at once only thing i didnt like was the little burnign sensation overall great

I had it done without any problems except my cycles were heavier.

I had mine done in October of 16 when I had my daughter. I got pregnant may of 18. Ended up losing the baby. So I opted for a dnc and both tubes completely removed.