What is it like healing from a tubal ligation?

Needing advice. In May, I will have my baby girl via C-section, and I am also going to have a tubal ligation done. I’m curious about what to expect healing wise with the tubal ligation. I know what the c-section healing process is, as this will be my third. But nervous oh what part the tubal ligation plays in the healing process.


I had a tubal done and the healing process was super easy and lasted 2 days.

Tubal ligation I rested for a day took it easy the second and back to normal the third.

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I had my tubes removed right after my c section. There was no difference in healing.


I’ve had two c-sections and with my second one I also did tubal ligation. I didn’t feel any more discomfort then the csection itself.

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I felt awful the 2nd go around. Way more stiff and sore.

This post is helpful to me, as I’ll be giving birth on June via C-section and will have my tubes tied as well. Thank you for your helpful answers :heart:

If you’ve had a csection before it’s not that much more painful healing wise. I did have it done with my 3rd as well. The only thing I noticed is that the healing took slightly longer for me. Remember though, every body heals differently!


I had my tubes taken out not during a c section though. I felt okay about 3 days after and better after a week.

I’ve never had a c-section but I just had a tubal ligation 2 weeks ago and other than being a little sore and some discomfort at my incision sites it was easy!

Iv having my second c section in two months and getting my tubes removed. With a 4 year old I’m wondering how much harder it’ll be

I had mine done while I was on the table for my 5th c-section. The tubal made no difference in the recovery process.

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You probably want even noticed you had that knowing what healing from a c-section is. After my son was born at my age of 40 I had the tubal done 5 hrs after having him. Another epidural and they went in right at my belly button. Lol

The surgery is super quick! It takes them longer to prep you than the actual surgery! Minimal pain afterwards and no lifting for 2 weeks. We had our last in May 2019 and I had them removed end of July 2019.

Literally no difference. Just had my csection and tubal on 1/29


I had mine done and three days later made a 4 hour trip up north to visit family. Wasn’t bad at all, just stiff and tender.

It depends on how many csections you have had. I had a tubal done after my 3rd csections and I was in so much pain, but they say the more births you have the more painful it is each time (as far as the cramps go). I will tell you this, it has been a year and my periods are horrible. They last 10 days, heavy bleeding and horrible cramping. Make sure it’s really what you want. I regret mine.


8 csections had my tubes tied and burned 3 weeks ago with my last csection and feel like shit I have pain like a burning pain dr said its normal

Wont really feel much different than a regular csection… only difference after mine-- is now my period are SUPER heavy!:woman_facepalming:


Had mine done with 2nd c-section and it was a little more painful than the first. Don’t know if it was from tubes removed or it being my 2nd one. Before and through period I am in more pain and its not cramping pain