What is it like to be excited about a pregnancy?

So what is it like to be excited about a pregnancy??? The little back story I have two amazing children that I love very much, and I am not sure what I would ever do without them in my life!!! However, their coming into this world was not the best of situations I did not expect or plan either of my pregnancies both very unexpected and one with the worst person I could have met let alone have a child with now back to my question but how does it feel to be happy about a pregnancy? How does it feel to have everyone around you be happy for You? How does it feel to not have people tell you every day what a screw up you are?


WTF kind of question is this? Many of us struggled to have a baby. It took us 5 years and finally IVF to have a baby.
What the hell?


If you have to ask what it’s like you’re not that excited :woman_shrugging:.

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To answer your question… it feels really good… like all of a sudden your complete… I guess I’m just answering your question but I hope you find out yourself… :disappointed:


I feel like if you want the baby you are going to be happy. It may be a bummer to have negative people but you have the option of not allowing them to make your experience unhappy. Sometimes a woman may be scared and not fully happy through their whole pregnancy until the baby is born and that is ok. If you are pregnant now or want to be again just do your best to block the negative people out and enjoy the blessing you will have. I hope you have the chance to enjoy it someday.


You say you love your children, then at some point you we’re excited about them, their speed donors do not have to be in the picture! Make a happy life for yourself and your children. They deserve that much from you.


Not everyone was happy when I was pregnant mostly because I had just started college and wasn’t in the best situation. But towards the end (definitely around baby shower time) everyone including myself was excited. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the excitement that most people get about a pregnancy. I know a few who weren’t happy but of course love their children.

I don’t know. My family was never supper happy about any of my kids.

The last were with my now husband and his family was really excited, but mostly don’t speak English, my family was still not excited and couldn’t even pretend to be happy for me :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Ot feels great😊 I had pregnancys when I was very ypung and was very scared about it. Didnt enjoy it as much as I should and didnt have family support or friends around me as I moved to a different town. 19 years later ( yes you read that right) fell pregnant. Different circumstances, back in the town I grew up on with family and friends and it made a big difference to how I felt x

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My children came at horrible times in my life. So when I found out I was blessed to have a child (because my family has fertility issues) I knew each and every time my storm wasn’t going to last long and I enjoyed being pregnant with all 5 of my children and I didn’t care for 1 of the fathers but the fathers was never a factor for me. My blessings was all :blue_heart::heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:.

I loved everything about being pregnant. My husband and I had been a couple for 16 years, married for less than one (HS sweeethearts) and got pregnant. It was enjoyable because we were read. I’m so sorry that your experiences were not happy. Pregnancy isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love your child any diffwrent

I was in an abusive relationship the farther of my kids. When I got pregnant with my first, I was barely 18 and getting ready to graduate high school. I was still excited about both my pregnancies. Both times I wasn’t in the best position. And especially my first I wasn’t excited at first, because I was scared and still a kid pretty much. But after a bit, the excitement came. Even though their dad(same dad) was very emotionally and mentally abusive and controlling, I was still happy and excited about my pregnancy and loved my unborn child. Regardless of anything going on around me or in my life, that was the one thing that was good in my life at the moment and that I knew I did right. Both were far from planned and tried to prevent from happening also.

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I don’t attach my happiness to others or their thoughts and opinions. Learn to be happy despite others—or life will be miserable

I didnt enjoy being pregnant at all , wanted kids yes . 1 was planned ish 1 wasn’t. Didnt make a difference with either . Just in general my opinion being pregnant for 9 months, either being sick , at the ob weekly to every two weeks , always being uncomfortable etc , heart burn , braxton hicks from 20 weeks on . I was high risk and had alot of issues i also i did it solo first time around . Maybe why i have a different outlook .

I wish I could tell you the answer, with my first pregnancy I was too scared and nervous to be excited, I worried about everything. With my second I was too sick to be excited about anything other than not throwing up, work the third I was too busy they’re too work and keep my abusive husband happy. The fourth I miscarried and had to have a D&C right before Christmas 2000, by then the adjust was bad enough I was grateful to lose the baby, just over a year later he left. I did enjoy feeling them moving in my belly, but I had depression issues as well as a horrible marriage that got worse and worse each year. No at the time I didn’t not realize how bad things were.


Idk what kind of question is this lmfaooo

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Girl omg i love my daughter with all my heart. N my lil on the way, but i HATE being pregnant. Ive had three miscarriages before my daughter, which seriously traumatized me. So instead of loving my pregnancy, im just anxious and scared 99% of the time in fear of something going wrong. I no joke went to the er 20+ times in my 2nd and 3rd trimester with my daughter bcuz EVERYTHING SCARED ME​:joy::joy::joy:. Im 11weeks w my second n every ultrasound i go into , i go into terrified. I wish i could enjoy my pregnancy. But bcuz of my past losses idt i ever will. :sob:

Please seek therapy.

With my first, I was over the moon. Thankfully so was my bf. I had an amazing pregnancy and the only issue was I couldn’t eat bananas. Now… I’m pregnant with my second and idk it feels completely different. My bf is beyond excited since it’s been 6 years from out first. This pregnancy has definitely taken its toll on not only my body but also mentally. I’m exhausted and in so much constant pain it’s difficult to be excited all the time. Relatives help and everyone around me is so happy for me I’m just anxious and idk in denial about this pregnancy. I love this baby but I’m definitely just anxious to get it out.

I loved being pregnant, it was a very happy time of my life, only I hated being sick for nine most but it was worse it.i would do it again.