What is something special I can do for my ex who has a baby on the way?

My ex, the father of my two oldest, has another baby on the way. I couldn’t be happier for them. Our children couldn’t be more excited to have another younger sibling ( They already have three younger siblings from me). It’s all they can talk about. I really want to do something special for them as they don’t have anything yet for their unborn child. She is not due until June, I think, which does give me some time. I’m on a fixed income and raising five children alone, so I wouldn’t be able to do much but still want to do something for them. Please help with some ideas I’m so stumped


A specail little girl/boy outfit

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Dollar tree has very use items! Nice baskets etc. You could even cook or bake a little something from the kids.

Little red embroidery can make a stuffed animal with her name and birthday or measurements if you wait.


He’s having another baby but dont support his with you? I would have them make something.

But white onesies and let your kids decorate them for their new brother or sister.


Have the siblings make an art poster to hang in ymthe babys room!

Have you looked at making a nappy cake. You could pick little bits up each week and the. Get everything together. My friend made me one and it was brilliant. There are step by step instructions on Pinterest

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Maybe an inexpensive bassinet from Walmart

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Big/little shirts and onesie

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I saw a diaper cake with a bottle of wine hidden inside for mommy!

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I would say a few freezer meals.

Or see what is on their registry if they’ve made one

I love seeing posts like this!
Helping hands is always nice
Freezer meals
You could have the other kids make something.
If you know the gender you could buy a little outfit or something.

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I don’t have any tips or anything just wanted to say what a lovely thought, you must be a lovely lady


Maybe get baby donations from people in your area and build a big gift that will help like lots of diapers but cream ect

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I really don’t have any ideas, but I just have to say that you are awesome!!! Some of us aren’t so lucky to get amazing exes like you.

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Get some white onesies and have your kids decorate them so baby will have a special shirt from each sibling


Have the kids pick something out! But I agree with the meals too!

I love this, so much!! :heart: