What is something thoughtful that your husband does for you?

What’s one thing you SO does for you that is thoughtful? For me, every time he takes my car, for some reason, it always comes back washed and with a full tank.


Brings me coffee in the morning

Not sure i could name just one. My husband is extremely helpful and does A lot for me. I always wake up to fresh coffee though.

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Does the housework on his days off and hangs/folds all of our clothes(I hate laundry)

warms up my car on cold mornings❤

Fills my water bottle up at night and has it waiting on the night stand.

Ha. Literally not a single thing.


We recently bought our first house, and it has a well. I’m pregnant and for some reason, the water makes me gag. So I bought a large 20 cup filter/jug that sits in my fridge. He ALWAYS makes sure it’s full, AND fills a water bottle of the filtered water that he leaves in the fridge for me.

He always gets snow/ ice off my car in the winter. Does just as much laundry and dishes as I do❤️

When I ask him to grab me a bottle of wine in a Friday he comes back with 2! EVERY SINGLE TIME :face_with_hand_over_mouth::clap::clap:


Everything. Takes the kids when he gets home so I can have a break. Flowers for no reason. Makes my coffee in the mornings. Cooks dinner. So much to list.

Mine will bring my car back empty and all of the car seats in the garage that I have to put back in. How thoughtful :woman_facepalming:

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My husband does so many things for me that’s thoughtful! How do I say just one? Lol!!! He will warm up the house before ( if it’s cold) and have my hot coffee ready if he’s up before me!!! But honestly we are a team and do everything 50/50 Even cooking/cleaning!!

I have been sick since March I cant do much …he does it all love him to the moon :crescent_moon:


Makes me a cup of coffee in the morning.

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My guy cooks when I am not feeling well enough to cook, even if it is just throwing in a TV dinner.

My husband bought me a car last year. He did my laundry the other night. He buys me things, sometimes things I don’t need or would use. He puts gas in my car, changes the oil. He occasionally will clean our bedroom. He picks up my prescriptions, most of the time. He makes me laugh. He always listens to me, even when I’m venting. And so much more.

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When he goes to get a snack or makes something to eat he brings me a plate

He always fills my tank up with gas, carries my groceries, runs my bath, you name it :heart_eyes:

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He carries me to bed whenever I fall asleep on the couch, he almost always cooks me breakfast before HE gets up and goes to work, he always asks me to pick stuff out to get when we’re at a store, he sings to me when I’m sad and so much more. I’m lucky to have him