What is something you wish you would have known before you had a baby?

My husband and I are expecting our first baby. We are just about 11 weeks along, and we couldn’t be more excited! I’m wondering what advice you can give to a first-time mom or what’s something you wish you had known before having your first babe? Any advice will help! Thank you!


Sleep allllllll you can now once the baby is here it’s going to be sleepless nights but so worth it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The sleepers for night should be zipper! The button ones are cute but really annoying to button for a middle of the night diaper change :grimacing:


The one thing I wish someone told me was not to wash all the newborn stuff right away. I had new born 0 to 3 months about 300 worth of stuff that my first never used and my second was the same size.


Every baby is different, So don’t automatically take someone’s word for something.


Sleep when they are sleeping, don’t stress and just relax


One your baby gets attached to something, but multiples


You don’t need all of the fancy stuff. Yes it looks pretty but you don’t end up using half of it. (Changing table, wipe warmer, formula dispenser). Get a bunch of onesies and diapers in different sizes.

All the shit they make you think you need, that you actually don’t. Also, that there’s nothing wrong with formula feeding, bottle feeding, giving your baby a pacifier…I’m so over people shaming you and spreading myths like “nipple confusion”. Some babies like to suck, need to suck, and are not actually hungry. I had two of them. I’ve had 9 kids total and honestly, I don’t have enough time to go through all the things I’ve learned and wished I knew hahaha.

The movie “the business of being born” was very enlightening

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See if you can get genetic testing done. No one in my family had any genetic disorders. Apparently I was a Carrier though because it was in my genes and my son was affected…

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The undershirts/onesies are made to be able to take off by pulling them down instead of up over the head in case of diaper blowouts.


Some times breas doesnt work out no matter what you do and that’s ok. Also some babies cry alot for no reason.


Lingerie bags work amazing for washing and drying baby socks.


Totally random but I haven’t been able to sleep through the nite without having to wake up and pee at least once after having a kid. He’s now 4!

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Buy the basics. I feel like I went overboard with my first baby and didn’t even use half of the things I had.


Getting baby on a routine/schedule as soon as you feel up to it


I wish someone warned me about the recovery. I was NOT prepared.


Stick up for what you want for every step of the process
Speak up when you’re scared or don’t agree or need more information
Don’t be afraid to put your foot down and say NO or that you want something specific NOW

If you want to breastfeed see a lactation specialist and fight for it.
It’s going to hurt. The whole thing before, during and after.

It’s the absolute most rewarding thing you’ve ever done. Hands down the most magical. So beautiful you can’t stop crying.


Always ask for help and listen to opinions but make your own decisions you do not need to follow everything everyone says…
get the basic baby things you hardly use any of those baby things…
do not be too hard on yourself nothing is perfect…