What is the best airline to fly a minor on?

I’ve decided to send my oldest (11) to Arizona (were in Iowa) to my dad’s (his grandpas) for a couple of weeks as punishment for stealing n lying. He will be taking him to work with him (he works on cars at a car dealership). None of my kids have flown, let alone not by themselves. I know he will be fine and that there are added fees for an unaccompanied minor. My question is, if any other moms have done this, what airline did you use?

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American Airlines and my kids went overseas to London … but I don’t remember the airline but American was awesome and so were the others!! Ive had 3 experiences and never had any problems!!!

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American is what I use but they usually require nonstop flights only. And charge an unaccompanied minor fee each way. Never any issues. My son was 11 his first time. He is 15 now.

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They will probably make you pay extra

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Why would you make a child fly alone the first time they are ever been on a plane?

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I’ve had good luck over the years with United. My mom has actually worked for express jet for over a decade, which is related to United and I was very impressed with their training protocol for UAs.
We’ve always sent a cell with kids. Have them call once the doors of the plane close and they’re seated. Have them call again the minute the flight lands and they pull into the gate. Helps eliminate the parent anxiety for sure!

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My 1st flight at 10 years old by myself from Chicago to Atlanta on Delta. I flew every summer there and back again on Delta. I was not afraid. The stewardess’s assigned to me always made sure I felt safe.

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Is this for real? Like is this current? Does the writer know there’s a pandemic going on and Arizona is pretty hot spot for the virus?


Wow sending my kids to grandparents definitely would not be punishing.even if he took him to work . my kids would have loved it


This whole post is fucked. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: you’re in trouble imma send you away, on an airplane that you’ve NEVER been on… god you’re an actual idiot.

So is this a real question ? Now-during a Pandemic?


I don’t mean to scare you but I live in Arizona and Covid is getting really bad here… i dont mean to be rude but, please consider a different punishment.


Uhhhh? Are you ok? Surely you can come up with another form of punishment in the middle of a pandemic…


Southwest is great! My daughter is to young to go by herself yet but my friend said southwest is by far her favorite airline to fly her children on by themselves

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Jet blue is super awesome my parents used to send me back and forth when I was younger most of the time the minors board with handicapped flyers to make sure they sit in the front so stewardess’s can keep an eye on them and then they wait until everyone else de boards with a stewardess they are escorted to their designated pick up person

I used to fly to my dads from pa to Arizona atleast once a year and started doing it by myself around that age also but yea I almost always flew southwest besides like 2 trips which those where American airline

Jetblue is the best for this. Believe it was $150 additional each way. Flew my niece to visit me twice from Florida to New Jersey

You can pay extra to have the child escorted by stewards be sure if you do they have correct info on who is receiving the child on the other end as it will be on the tag pinned to their shirt and will be required to show ID to receive child

I always use southwest. Not really the best time to be sending a child on a plane though bc were in the middle of a national pandemic and all


We love Southwest. My kids have flown several times by themselves and
I have used several airlines. Southwest is a little pricey so I have also used American as well.