What is the best birth control?

I want to switch from the depo prefer a shot to a pill. What are some brands of birth control pills y’all are on and your review? A lot of brands I read about have too many horror stories, and I’m looking to get some insight into different ones.


Following! I currently have an arm bar and it’s okay had some crazy hormones at first and now I’m gaining weight crazy so I want it out!

Abstinence it’s the only one that’s 100 % effective against std and pregnancy


I’m getting my tubes removed but I’m done with kids.

I was on enskyce (generic name) and it was decent.

I have the IUD it’s good for 5 years

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I’m on sprintec. And its not bad at all. My periods are about 4 days at the most. And no acne or any bad side affects

I love the Mirena and no more periods.


Mirena IUD all the way


I’ve been on Seasonale for years and loved it! But everyone is different and it could take a few tries before you find a birth control you like

I just had to get my Mirena removed because it became dislodged from some rough sexy time. I think IUD’s are great and convenient but not if your man is well endowed.

Tricyclen is really good

don’t use birth control that have hormones look into non-hormonal BC, because they can cause you to have infertility problems or cause you to become sterile

I have the Mirena for about a year now. Not gonna lie, my mood swings and emotional roller coaster is just within the last couple of months evened out. I’m not pregnant tho! Lol

I’ve had Mirena for 3.5 years and no issues.

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I was on two different bc pills, idk the names now. But even with taking them same time daily I got pregnant all four times. Two ended in miscarriage, I have one rainbow baby that will be three in a few months and his rainbow baby sister due any day now.

I’ve been on the depo but it effected my bone density after a year or so, then I was on the pill. Got pregnant, now have a 5 month old and I have the 3 year implant x

I had mirena and will be getting it back after my son is born in Dec I loved it

My personality and the general person I am usually does the trick.

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I have the nexplanon had it befor birth and have it after my first child I love it
It does not work for everyone birthcontrol reacts differently for everyone
But I support the one I’m on it may help you gain weight but simple workouts will help