What is the best breast pump?

I’m about to have baby #3, and my last two didn’t latch, so I exclusively pumped. But it’s been almost three years. Which pump do you guys think is best for exclusively pumping?


I had the lansinoh smart pump 2.0 and LOVED it. My son failed to latch as well. I struggled to get any supply on top of failed latching. The only thing that saved my breast feeding journey was determination and the smart pump. I made it a few months which was more than I would have made it without the pump.

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Medela pump in style electric i went through 3 pumps when I had my daughter. Exclusively pumping is tough good luck

I exclusively pumped with my first with the medela and I’m exclusively pumping again but I got the spectra and definitely love the spectra more but ide buy the portable one it’s so. I’ve not having to plugged in the whole time

Medela that can be portable. I forget what it was called. And a pumping bra.

I like the spectra too.

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I love the Spectra S1! Its rechargeable so you dont have to keep it plugged in, is quiet and has a nightlight (both great for night pumping). I pumped for 14 months with it :+1:

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Nipple shields worked wonders for me. Put a little sugar water. Thats the only way I could get my baby to breast feed. And I strictly used a hand pump. Too much to get the cords and wires every single time. :upside_down_face: seemed to work for me.

Spectra the blue one was the best for me. It was quite had a handy light on the pump. I always got great results.

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