What is the best breast pump?

Can anyone give me reviews on the Lanisnoh smart breast pump? I have never pumped before and have no idea if it’s good.


don’t know about that one but to me for all 4 kids the best was medella…

I use that one. I loved it for my 2 kids. It was easy and worked well.

Idk about that one but I loved my mini medella pump

You can also check with your insurance company you may be able to get a breast pump for free

I like it. It has 2 settings. It starts off slow to activate letdown then goes more aggressively. It also has an app that works off bluetooth to your phone. You can keep track of how long and how much you pump. Pretty cool

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I highly recommend getting a spectra s2. I lived it way more than I did a medela. It is well worth it & the best pump

I love my spectra s2 over the lanisoh one. The hospital medela worked better than anything but i used spectra s2 at home and it was comparible for me atleast.