What is the best breastfeeding bra?

Hey breastfeeding moms did you use breastfeeding bras or did you just wear regular bras ?


Breastfeeding bras and some shirts.

I use the bra just to pump and wear sports bras with the pads to relax and sleep… trying to figure out if there would be a more comfortable way for sleeping though :thinking:

A tank with a shelf bra was easiest for me

used those big cotton bras w/ nursing pads stuffed in the cups—just unhooked the snap and there you go !

I gave up on bras all together. #FreeTheTaTas

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Both. But breastfeeding tanktops are where it’s at.

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nursing bras, I dont know how women go braless while nursing, i would leak everywhere

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Breastfeeding bras for during the day, a tank top with a shelf bra for night ( easy to stick a nursing pad in & just pull down) & a regular bra when baby reached a year old (even tho we still nurse)

I was an exclusive pumper, but I just wore regular bras with nursing pads

Regular but they are a pain so none at all anymore

Nursing bras are wonderful. I prefer the sports bra style. Easier access for little one and more durable.

I wore a sports bra bc i didn’t like the nursing bra I had and it was just easier for me

I wear a breastfeeding bra 80% of the time and when I wanna be comfy I wear a sports bra with extra boob pads haha. I’m not sure if I will ever wear a “regular” bra again :joy: I don’t miss the wires!

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I used just tanktops in the beginning because your boobs will hurt soo bad! Wont be able to move your arms. Then soft nursing bras (kinda like a sports bra but unclicks at the straps). Then i moved to sexier nursing bras with some padding. Now shes 17 months old and im wearing regular bras.

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Regular, but my boobs are huge, so I just folded cup in half to feed.

Nursing bras 100% invest in a good one!
Pumping bras are a absolute need if you plan on pumping at all. Hands free, life changing :raised_hands:

Breastfeeding bras! THEY ARE AWESOME!

It is waaaaay easier to quickly feed a baby in breastfeeding bras. I love the unpadded sleep bras (I got these! - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CWT0DAI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_273BCbA6HMV5F ) I wear them all the time, as well as the nursing tanks when I need more coverage. A regular underwire has just been so uncomfortable and hard to nurse in.

Breastfeeding bras for home. Regular ones when out