What is the best kind of birth control?

I know everyone’s different, but I know what kind of birth control u think is good and some side effect?


Just don’t have sex. I haven’t used birth control for years. My husband and I had ONE night to ourselves and did adult things. Here I am… PREGNANT :joy:

Nexplanon. Implanted in your arm, change it out every 3 years. I love it! I haven’t had side effects but I never have with any birth control

My sister and best friend swear by nexplenon. I had a horrible reaction to it. It sounds amazing and from what I hear it is amazing for many people. I’m just one of the unlucky ones who reacts poorly to it. I am breastfeeding and started the pill my milk dropped horribly so I stopped it. before having my baby I preferred taking seasonique only one period every three months it was amazing.

Iud for me was great had it in for 4 years period was painful tho but only lasted 1-2 days I didn’t get it every month but I never got pregnant took it out on March 2019 and got pregnant April 2020.

See if he can get fixed.


Condoms are the only birth control I’ll use since I’ll never use hormonal birth control again. They all have a long list of side effects that can be quite nasty.

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Im on nexplanon and i love it
I dont get periods, neither does my sister, its proven to be the most effective form of BC beyond not having sex, its minimally invasive and you forget its even there lmao
Only thing im not a fan of is its hard to keep weight off but its that or risk more babies lmao

I got pregnant on the pill and on paragard. And after having Mirena for less than a year before removing it, we’re struggling to conceive :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: Never touching birth control again.

A tubal lol
But in all seriousness before I had a tubal I had the nexplanon & I really liked it. Gained a little weight on it but that was it as far as side effects. My period was still consistent every month as well.

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What y’all think about the arm implant?

I take depo and I love it no side effects no periods nothing cramps once in great while but not often and it’s every three months

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The best kind of birth control is the best kind for your body ask your OB. What’s best for one person may not be best for you. Like if you smoke you probably need to stay away from the pill because it could cause strokes. if you already have a weight problem you’ll probably need to stay away from the depo it causes severe weight gain. Definitely talk to your OB and see which would be best in your case


Not Mirena had nothing but health problems and worse periods since it was removed

I love the depo. Besides the difficulty of losing weight I have no problems with it. Plus I have no periods except when I am due for my next shot

I have an IUD. It’s good because it lasts 5 years and you don’t have to keep up with the pill and I haven’t gained weight or anything . Downside is it hurts like a bitch sometimes and the cramps are crazy sometimes . I’d rather have the cramps sometimes than be pregnant though !!! Lol. Everything is different for everyone though ! Ask your dr !

I had paragard for 7yrs. Had it removed and was pregnant within 2 weeks.

Please talk to a ob/gynecologist. I have a friend whose daughter in law was on something that was suggested by a friend. She told her doctor it was what she wanted because all her friends recommended it. I will not call the name of it…long story short…it caused her to have a stroke…she almost died. Was in hospital for quite a while. If you have a dr talk to him. Everyone is different.


For permanent I got my tubes tied it’s what worked best for our family. I also use depo shot for other reasons, I’ve used in past and easiest for me doesn’t take remembering daily like pill and doesn’t have side effects like IUD or arm implant.

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I’m on the pill daysee I only get a period once every three months and no nausea which is great cause several others made me super sick