What is the best medical bracelet for a 3 year old?

Our son, who has asthma and a peanut and tree nut allergy, has moved daycares to one that’s now at a school, and we are looking to get him a medical alert bracelet. Best kids medical alert bracelet out there? He is 3!


Try looking up nurse supply, they have rubber ones, I work at a Head Start and love those for children.

My niece has a paracord medic alert bracelet



Allermates have some cute colorful ones but kind of wide

Walmart now carries them by the jewelry department

Laurenshope.com is where I got my daughters. I got her a paracord one and it has been fantastic!

I saw some nice stuff when I was looking for things for a friend a while back.

My son has an allergy and when young would often take off the medic alert identification. I took to writing it on his wrist & then putting liquid bandage over it. I also included our phone number. It would last until bath time. It became a ritual after bath to rewrite it

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I seen these in my local walmart. They had child as well as adult. They were in the accessory section near jewelry.
As 3 yr olds grow fast and are known for playing and removing items. I think I would pick up a few cheap ones and after he learns to leave it on get a more higher quality one. Put 1 on shoes and 1 on back pack. As well as 1 on him so he always has 1…
Anywhere you think it can easily be read.

We lived in the Bay Area (SF) n the [email protected] and the kids were given bracelets or dog tags with emergency info in case of earthquake! My son loved his dog tag, my daughter her bracelet

There are some made with paracord… very sturdy, waterproof etc.
Medical alert has them…

Road ID!! My niece has one. You can customize the info. And she has several different colors to choose from on the bracelet itself. They have child sizes. You can also get some that attach to their shoes if needed.


“Lauren’s Hope” has the best selection of medical alert bracelets. They allow more letters than any other company selling them. I love mine.

Alot of pharmacies sell them for kids, i worked at a cvs and we had them there.

Ask your sons doctor what you need to get and he may can tell you where too

Etsy mymedicalid my son wears his daily

Amazon has some you can put on shoes no way to take it off!

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