What is the cheapest camera I can get for my sons room?

Hello, moms so I have a question my six-year-old boy just moved into his room, he cries because “he’s scared “ and I feel horrible … My question is, what night camera would y’all recommend so I can see him through my phone? I don’t want to buy a really expensive one. And also what tips would y’all give me so he can stay in his room?


Kami it’s affordable easy to use and you can talk to him through it 60 bucks at Home Depot

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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MG46PTD/?coliid=IM89Y6A00KTSV&colid=1XMFMS7ABPMXB&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it :slightly_smiling_face:This on on Amazon works very well.

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A night light , stars that show up on the ceiling, hall light on, closet door shut and checked by you every night to make sure nothing is scared in there, Have shades down and curtains closed. Check under the bed to reassure him all is safe. A flashlight of his very own and some soft music so he can relax and whatever stuffed toy he loves the most.

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Also have any stuffed animals he has in his room covered up or in the toy box so his imagination does not cause problems.

Go back to basic! Old school living how your parents grew up. Read a book or two or have them read to you!! Bedtime schedule every night! Reassure nothing is going to hurt you or monsters. Unless there’s fighting and negative stuff going on daily he/she is afraid of during the day and evening (adult life)


Make him a spray bottle full of glitter water and label it “monster spray”… Or whatever he is afraid of spray.


Use a night light.
Give him his own torch so he can use it to look around.

If you use a purfume/ body spray some on a soft toy so he can cuddle it and it will smell like you.

Maybe spend a night or two in his room with him.

those wireless cameras freak me out. too many times on the news I’ve seen pedo’s caught hacking into video and audio feeds people have going into their babies rooms.

Cameras can be hacked.

Dont buy a cheap camera… find one that’s hard to hack unless you want some creeper watching your son as well.
Also, friends of mine used a 2 way radio for their toddler… They could always hear what was going on in his room and their son could always talk to mom and dad w/o having to press a button … and mom and dad could talk back by pressing their button. Being able go talk to mom or dad always seemed to work.

How can I ask a fan question?

Wyse cameras on amazon

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Yeah Wyse is pretty cheap and works well got it for $25 on Amazon.

I filled a spray bottle with water food coloring and glitter with lavendar oil and labeled it “monster spray” we would use a few sprays of that before bed time
And I gave him one of my special fuzzy blankets and called it his super blanket


Do you have any pets? I told my kids that the cats and dog eat the scary things so we can be safe. Worked for mine


U can use an old phone u have laying around and download an app on both the phones yours and the old one. I done this once with iPhones for my living room

Also nightlights, my sister got my son a nightlight/essential oil diffuser and I’d buy calming scents in it and he liked it and helped him sleep better.

Monster spray, glow in the dark stars, a glow worm (yes you can still find them) they make glow in the dark paint

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Water bottle fill with water and food coloring moster spray worked for my boys