What is the easiest way to go about getting a divorce?

I have been separated from my husband for two years, and we have a 13-year-old son. I would like to file for divorce this year, and we have an agreed-on 50/50 custody. What is the easiest and inexpensive way to get a divorce… I can’t afford an attorney, so what are my options??


legal aid in your county.
or use an online law firm if you have one. i used one for mine and it was $395. they did everything and mailed me my signed paperwork when it was finalized. took a month.

Not sure what state you live in but there should be a legal aid office available. Check legal aid online.

You can file yourself. It cost me around $240 to do in in WA.


I went n got the paper work, and filed a waiver and never had to pay a dime!


Probate or family court may have the applications or papers you could fill out depends on your state and county .

I filed myself, got a fee waiver form. Followed all the steps from my states legal help site.

Do it yourself!!! :+1::sunglasses:

U can print forms from online. If its amicable fill out, sign, file.

You can print the forms off the internet. I have known 2 people who did it that way and it was easy and cheap

You can file yourself. And if you both agree to absolutely everything, it will be faster. You’ll have the first 1 or 2 hearings (maybe, not everyone does) but after that, you can literally walk in together and have it signed and finalized on the spot.

Ps just call or go to your local clerk of court office they will tell you what you need to do.
Considering your circumstance and county city or state.You have to file in the area the marriage took place if im not mistaken.However that may have changed not sure

It depends on your state all the logistics, but you can do it yourself.

Download the forms online and there is also free assistance at most most courthouses. Go online for the county courthouse that pertains to you. It’s very easy as long as both parties are in agreement.

Most states allow you to do it yourself if there isn’t any property, assets and so on. They also may have you do a class since you do have a child together. If you dont make alot of money you can get a waiver for any costs. Again, all depends on what the state’s laws are. Good luck!

Knowledge yourself on the paper work, its a lot

Every state is different.
It still costs a decent amount to file with or without an attorney. Good luck

Uncontested divorce. U will still need a lawyer to draw it up and get it all sorted to send to the judge.


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Every Courthouse has a law library with all the papers that you will need you can fill them out yourself and file them yourself

Paralegal, they do all the paper work. And you pay them for services. Or legal aid.