What is the most effective birth control?

Uhm, momma’s what is the best and most effective birth control you’ve found? I’ve heard positives and negatives about most of them… I’m just worried because some say if you have them for three years you may not be able to get pregnant for five… is this true?


I personally did the nexplanon. All together I had it for 4 years and got pregnant within 3 months of being off of it. I didn’t get pregnant while on it and the only side effect was a little bit of weight gain and I could be most here and there like when you are on your period

Not true. I had the IUD for 6 years and then Nexplanon for 2 1/2 years and then 3 months on the pill. I got a positive result 3 months after stopping the pill at 5 weeks pregnant.

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Personally, Nexplanon. I’ve had it twice now (after each child) and I’m not very careful otherwise and its been good so far🤣 I also havent had bad side effects from it like I have with others and for the first time ever I have a regular period every month

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I always liked the patch. The pill was a pain and I never wanted any foreign objects in my body. I was able to have kids within a few months of trying.

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I was on a combination of Megestrol & Estradiol for 4.5 years. My doctor moved and it took me awhile trying to find a new one, and ended up pregnant within 2 months. Lol

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I gave birth to an 8lb baby boy 3 yrs after a tubal ligation. He is one of the best things in my life along with his 2 older sisters :heart:

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Love my Nuvaring… Was able to conceive a few months after being off of it and testing to know when I was most fertile. I’m back on Nuvaring now and I appreciate how it helps with my moods keeping my hormone levels even

I think it’s a personal thing. My sister got pregnant the day after she missed her depo shot

I had implanon (rod inserted into arm) for 9 years, fell pregnant within in 2 months

I’ve had 2 Mirena’s. Took the first one out and got pregnant 4 months later (at 41)

I have the Nexplanon arm implant, very affective, but I’m hating the side effects, I’ve had it a little over a year and gained a lot of weight and getting cystic acne.

Nexplanon! I love mine I’ve been on it for 4 years replaced every 3 years, it stopped my periods altogether! I haven’t had one in 4 years!

I’ve had bad experiences with every birth control there is. The nexplanon made me have a constant period for 3 months straight & I had to have it removed.

The depo gives me horrible side effects. Weight gain, fatigue, etc.

The pills interfered terribly with my depression after I had my son so I decided to stop taking them.

I’m going to try the kyleena IUD this time bc it’s non hormonal & wont interfere with depression.

I would ask for information regarding each birth control option at your OB & just see what suits you best.

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I had the copper IUD for 8yrs before I took it out to have our son. And I’ve had it again since giving birth. Almost a year and a half. I absolutely LOVED it. No hormones to mess with my head or body. I have never had an issue with it personally. Good luck!

I personally like the patch. It was easy to remember since it was just once a week, and my body bounced back from it quickly when I wanted to get pregnant. I’ve never had awful cramps, but they were even less while I was on it, and I could predict the start of my period to the day.


I’d have the pill any day I was on the pill for 8yrs before first child an within of no pill for a month no sign of period I was instantly pregnant, then after had first child(who is nearly 8) I was on the depo for 2.5yrs before deciding to try for another, and it took us over 2yrs to finally get pregnant with the second child(who is 2 now), I hate the depo I gained weight, and my mood swings were so out of whack I got very depressed on it their was little bit if tension between my partner and I, I was getting upset an angry alot I’d hit the wall all while on the depo I hated it, after 2nd child I went back on the pill and I was back to my normal self again. Everyone reacts differently to different things you’ll know what will work better for you, I eventually want to go on the IUD, but it’s not cheap, I would be still taking the pill even on the IUD cause the pill prevents cysts as ovarian cyst run in the family

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Personally no birth control is the best just use spermicide…

So many birthcontrols out there have tons of side effects person by person based.

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I was on it for 7 years off for 8 months bam this guy and his baby brother who was conceived on birth control as well, hes still cooking for 2 months. So I guess it just depends.

I had the one in my arm 3 times 11 years total and and had it removed and got pregnant with in 3 weeks. It can last up to 5 years but if removed you should get pregnant right away