What is the perfect age difference between kids?

I am 29, my husband 28, and we had planned on having three total. After a few years of struggling to conceive and a miscarriage, we finally had a baby, who is now nine months old. My cycle now is regular for the first. Time since middle school, so I am hoping that getting pregnant the next time comes easier. I also think that maybe I want more than 3… Haha! I feel like I was just meant to be a mom! I am worried because I just have that feeling of "I better hurry and have babies, cause I’m not getting any younger… " But I don’t want them all to be so close together that it’s super overwhelming. So if we want 2 or 3 more, what would be good spacing to try for the next one?


People live to be 100 now…you have plenty of time.

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I have 3 and they are 2 years and 6 months apart… wouldnt have it any other way. Theres pros and cons to having them close and age and further apart… regardless they will be your babies and you will get to experience being a mother no matter how far apart they are

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I say when ur lil one is round two I had almost all mine close together and lord knows it was rough lol … My first two how ever were a few years apart

Mine are six months and my oldest is almost two. I wanted them close in age so if we have another it will probably be within the next year or so… But I don’t personally want them super spaced just so they are close but also so I go through all the baby stuff at once and the big kid age at once.

I’d say 18 months
Mine are 2years 4 months apart in age and I wish they were closer in age

Mine are 8 years apart

I had my daughters at age 34 they will be 7 on the 27th

Please don’t feel like you are getting too old to have more children if you want more my suggestion is have them each 2 years apart that way your body has a whole year to heal

My mom had me and my brother two years apart and my little brother and my little sister is two years apart to but my little brother after me is 11 years apart from me and my little sister after my little brother is 5 years apart so it is up to u guys

I think the age gap between my first 2 babies is perfect, I have 4 total and the easiest transformation was having the 1st & 2nd 4 years apart, My 3rd is 17 months apart from my 2nd, the only easy part about the 2nd and 3rd being so close together is they were pretty much in the same sizes for awhile once the younger one got a little older, same size diapers etc. And they are both boys. The age gap between my 4th and 3rd is almost 3 years, and with my 3rd baby wanting my attention all the time and my 3 week old needing me a lot also, it’s very hard to manage time with the two. If one isn’t on me the other one is, I can handle it but it’s definitely difficult sometimes with those two.

I forgot to mention their older brother is 21

My kids are 5 years apart and So were my sister and I…works great, in my opinion!


My boys are 3.5 years apart, no matter the age gap there will always be pros and cons.

Oldest 2 are 17 months apart 12 and almost 11 now, it’s a challenge but the gap between my middle and last is 8 years it was easier for my older 2 to help but I wish they were closer in age

I’d say have one potty trained before having the next. Either that or have them within a year of each other.

My kids are 9 yrs, almost 4 years, and almost 3 years apart.

But if you plan to have 2-3 more then i would say start trying at age 1 to 1 1/2 of each baby

I had my son at 34 via IVF. We did another round and conceived a boy when my son was 1 yr old but we lost him. I am now 37 and 6 months with a suprise baby girl. While I am extremely happy and blessed 37 is a big difference from 34 I am actually 80 pounds lighter then my first pregnancy but boy is it ruff!!! So don’t only think about the kids spacing but how u will feel cuZ the struggle is real

I had 5 kids by the time i was 26 it was rough when they were small but their all the best of friends today i wouldnt have it any other way i suggest just let it happen when it does

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Plans never exactly work out.
I had 5 kids.
Their ages now are 40, 36, 33, 32, and 24.
I had my oldest at 20 and the last at 36.
I am 60 now and have 4 grandkids.
Sometimes nature determines spacing.

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My oldest is 3.5 and my 2nd is 7 months. I feel like this age gap is perfect. One is starting to become more independent but still needs help while the other is extremely hands on. It helped me actually give my first his space to be independent instead of coddling him since I also have his brother to deal with.