What is the recovery like for a tubal?

I recently had an emergency c section. Due to the religious views of the hospital, I gave birth at my dr could not do a tubal ligation at the time of birth. I have to go to an outpatient center to have it done. My recovery was rough from the c section, and I’m worried now about the tubal ligation and the recovery time. I have a newborn, toddler, and three school-age children. My husband works 60+ hours a week, and I’m a SAHM. I don’t want any more kids, so I’m just looking for tips/and insight on the procedure and recovery time.


I imagine everyone heals differently. Cause one person may heal in a month or two, you might heals in less or more time . :woman_shrugging:


Time for hubby to step up, you have done your part mama.


I went back to work the next day :woman_shrugging:


What recovery time? A tubal is an in and out procedure. I attended a dinner that same evening and work the next day.


I woke up during my tubal it hurt… My doctor was late… The soreness only lasted a short time afterwards…

It heals differently from person to person, but it took me a couple of days. Just gas x is your friend because the gas cramps were brutal for me and my only problem. I got mine done as my 40th birthday gift to myself. But I was almost 40 when I had mine done.

Mine was 40 years ago but a few days of soreness… don’t pick up the kids or strain … be nice to have some help if you could get some… at least that is how I remember it… good luck

I had my tubes removed after my last child. I was uncomfortable for a few days, but it wasn’t horrible. They gave me ibuprofen and it helped. I didn’t need the stronger meds I was prescribed.

Have your husband get a VASECTOMY!!! You went thru childbirth 5 times and his recovery time is easier and shorter and much less invasive. It’s the least he can do since you gave him 5 children!!!


It hurts like a mofo!! I had it done during my csection. Ive had csections before and NONE hurt this bad. After a few days I was fine though.

I was in pain for a month… But I had mine 9 hours after I delivered.

I was tender and bruised for a couple of weeks

I had mine last year April. Took me a few days to recover. The gas pains were the worst. I had the rings put in.

I ended up with a hysterectomy in sept of this year. Turns out it made my adenomyosis and endometriosis worse.

I had no issues at all… I had it after my 6wk check up and was able to resume normal activities… I was also a CNA at the time.

I also used a hospital that didnt allow them. I had my tubes fully removed. It took a few weeks to fully recover but it probably wasn’t anything near the pain of a c section.

It was very uncomfortable bruised for weeks

I got home later that day and did laundry and cooked and took care of my then 4 year old…minor cramping discomfort like a period for a few days but otherwise no issue

I just had one done on Oct 31, it was done by a robot, I was handing out candy on Halloween, I worked on Friday, I have in home daycare my Husband and one other person was their to help. Sat through a class on Saturday for 6 hours, Sunday was a quiet day. And I’m back working my daycare, only thing I can’t do is pick up anything 20 lbs or more, no pain pills scene Monday.

Was a little sore had mine about 6 hours after having my youngest