What is the recovery time for a tubal?

I’m most likely getting a tubal ligation. I’m more worried about the recovery time; my bf works full-time Sunday-Wednesday. We have a toddler who will be 4 in April. I already saw a doctor who gave me two options ten year IUD or tubal, and we chose tubal, but I don’t know how much recovery time is needed a week a month idk lol.


:paw_prints: I need to know the same thing

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Everyone is different but I was in agony for about 5 days then I was ok.

I was very very sore for the first 7 days. It subsided abit but was still sore for a month.

have him get a vasectomy much easier no general anesthesia no long ranging complications like bad menstrual cramps and longer heavier periods.


I was up and moving around the next day. Just took it easy with lifting. I have an 18 mos old, 3 and 5 yr old.


Had 4 kids, had help the first two days with supper and the kids, then it was back to normal just slow moving and a lot of pain but just gotta do what you have to


A couple days and you’ll be good. I was sore the first couple days and took it easy after that wasn’t bad at all

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I’d talk to your doctor… 🤷🤷🤷🤷

I was fine after 3 days, and I had both tubes and an ovary removed. Ibuprofen and a heating pad were all I needed.

Honestly I was fine right after. I had to keep reminding myself to take it easy and not to lift my toddlers. I still did all of my housework no problem just a bit slower than normal. I have 4 kids all 5 and under. But everyone is different! You should be good within a week though if not sooner

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When I got it done, I had it done on a Wednesday and was back to work on Monday. The 2-3 days after we’re hard to get up off the couch, but after that I was able to to do light chores around the house. But everyone’s body is different.

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I had my tubes removed 2 days before Xmas and it was easy. I also had a 3 month old at the time and a 5 yr old. I was holding baby the same day. My belly was pretty sore the next day but nothing unbearable at all. It’s pretty simple.

I was up and moving the next day with light lifting and moving a little slow. Everyone is different, just listen to your body.

I had a tubal and uterine ablation together. I was sore for about a week. I have five kids the youngest being 15 months at the time. I only had help for the day after surgery. It was rough but made it through ok. They should give you a few pain pills for home to help with the worst of it.

Have him get a vasectomy. Recovery is much easier & it’s easier to reverse if he changes his mind. Plus you already endured pregnancy & child birth. His body can take a physical toll for the family.

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Thanks Everyone! This was my post. I plan on getting it done. We have some other health stuff going on so we are dealing with that first. But Hoping to plan it on Wednesday or Thursday so my bf is off. Wasn’t sure about recovery time and if I need any work days off. Sounds like I should be fine. I have a very high pain tolerance but more worried about caring for the toddler.

I cramped for a couple of days that’s all
BUT I won’t recommend it! Mine has caused me way more problems now than I ever imagined.
It’s easier and less hassle for the man to get fixed. Now when/if I have a period I hurt so bad I can only lay in a ball in tears.

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6-8 weeks for the majority

I was up later that day cooking. By the second day I was good.

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