What is the right thing to do?

Hi, my stepdad passed away unexpectedly two years ago. My brother pretty much got what he wanted from the house and got his boat. He didn’t have a will. Now he sold his boat and is putting in a pool at his house. And my mom is still living. I think he should give the money to my mom and not use it for himself just because he claimed the boat. What do you think?


Your mom let him take the boat… it’s his to do with as he pleases and he chose to sell it. Can’t ask for the money back now. :woman_shrugging:t3:


If it was his boat, it’s his money to use as he pleases.


Morally yes he should at least take care of her with some of it


I would stay out of it. None of this affects you directly.


Family eh let them decide but your right

I think it’s none of your business :woman_shrugging:


Sadly it was given to him, he chose to sale it, whether anyone agrees or if it was right, it was his decision to make. He keeps the $ and gets the pool.


I don’t know your family or the bond your brother had with your father. I do know when someone passes away and gifts in a will are given. When this happens they obviously obtain legal right to the property. Technically he can do whatever he wants with the boat the money the house. That’s what your father left behind for him and that’s what he is using to build himself a nice cozy life with. Maybe embrace it and be proud he turned dads boat into something everyone can enjoy.

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I wonder what your stepdad would want him to do. Hmm. No possession of a family member is worth fighting over when they die. No will tells me that dad lives and trusted everyone in the family enough to think this sort of thing would never be an issue.

Once you inherit an asset, and take possession of it, it’s yours to do with whatever you’d like. Let him enjoy his boat-turned-into-pool-now. Be happy for him that he has something he can remember his dad by.

Your mother as his widow is automatically in title to all his property …unless contested in court …talk to your mother about your feelings .there is no such thing as a relative claiming something as theirs


She let him take the boat. The boat and any money from it is his


Sounds petty. Let it go. No use stressing over things that dont matter


I don’t really think it’s your place to say what he should or shouldn’t do. She didn’t fight him about it so I think you need to just let it go


I feel like morally if he wasnt going to keep it, he shouldnt have taken it. Your mom let him take it so its his to do whatever. No matter how we feel about it


There’s only one thing I want after my dad dies and it just an ore that he painted with a scene of a ship on stormy waters with a lighthouse on a cliff. My mom and siblings can have the rest.

My fiance is dealing with this right now his ex mother in law sold a boat of her husband’s (whom had passed) she said the husband would have wanted him to have it but they needed/wanted something bigger and the MIL gave him the money for the boat. Now they are divorced and his ex wants him to pay back the money to her mom because it was suddenly a loan.

A gift is a gift… If he was given the boat and he’s choosing to sell it it’s his money. Sorry.

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Your brother sounds like a POS if he didn’t give her the money he never will.

If everyone agreed that he could have the boat then it’s was his to sell and the money should be his.


I wouldn’t ask for opinion on this page or any people have nothing right or nice to say. I hope our kids show how fucking pathetic these adults are. So sad