What is the safest way to send photos of your kids?

This is my first pregnancy. I’m 35 weeks, almost 36. My husband and I both agreed that we don’t want any photos of her to be posted on social media due to all human trafficking and creeps online. Not all of our family is able to see her in person, however. Does anyone know if Messenger or texts are safe to send pictures? Are there any other options?


Take pics on your phone or professionally and send them to people. You print out pics from phone/camera at Walmart.

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Marco polo is a great app its secure. And you can send videos of the baby to family members if they have the app aswell.

You could print them and mail them through the postal service . Anything sent digitally will be on the internet forever so if you don’t want pictures of the baby on line don’t send the pictures on line .

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You can make your own personal group just for family

For my 12 year old, I did Kodak photos and I shared the album to family and friends. I had to send them the link for them to go to it. Another one I used it required a password for family to click on link.

I wouldn’t just print them an mail them


I say print them and send them in the mail. To many hackers can get into any social media account no matter what it is

You can take pictures on your phone then go to a CVS or Rite Aide and print them

I’m making an album for my MIL from my sonograms to when my ángel pops out :joy: you can print them in your own home and send them out them out to each family member. But Sarah is right nothing is safe. Not even saving them
In your own laptop. Seeing as a hacker can get into your computer and steals everything you got there.

Tinybeans is good and very safe you can control who YOU have and WHO sees it. Also you have the option to stop people you have given access to to "only view " and its grandparents friendly I’ve been using it for 4 years now my sister in law also have been using it for 6years and no issues :blush:

Well, just let everybody know that they can’t share any pictures of your child through any means. Alternatively, you can send secret messages though facebook and put a timer on the pictures so that they are only viewable for a short time OR you can send them to specific people via snapchat (it’ll tell you if anybody takes a screenshot) and also put a timer.

Anything you post on the net can always be found. Don’t be daft. As the saying goes… if you don’t want it shared online, don’t put it online :ok_hand::ok_hand: Print and post love x

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In today’s age, nothing is safe honestly. You can’t even trust your negatives aren’t being taken and used some where for God only knows what… see if they can install Skype or Zoom and do video chats… or wait for covid to be settled and then they can either travel to you or you to them.

Ps post also gets lost all the time, never know where it can end up… if you are that nervous of online posting, mailing isn’t much better.

I would think text messages would be better

Text message is safer… Messenger is online…

Make a group chat text with the people that you want to see the picture

We locked down our Facebook profiles and only have close friends and family members. We don’t use our kids in our profile pics.

There is such a thing called physical copies and letters. I think that would be pretty much safest.

Look up photocircle…you can upload pictures and videos but you have to invite who you want on it. We have a handful of family on it so they can see our daughter!