What is the weirdest smell you liked during pregnancy?

Weirdest thing you are addicted to in your pregnancy? I’ll start… I have this need to smell wax cubes constantly like the smell of lime dried has been my favorite… what’s yours?? Lol 


Freon when my freezer cycled lol I could hear it click and would go stuck my head in the freezer and breathe it in

The smell of a phone book.

Pickles and spicy stuff
And the smell of meat made me sick to my stomach

I could not stand the smell of dog food. After a few minutes I would start throwing up. My mom would have to come in the morning and at supper time to feed my dogs.

Smell of a daily newspaper

The smell of fresh towels from the dryer. I swear I wanted a candle with the actual smell. Dirt was one I liked too, like the smell from a gravel road, which I normally do not like.

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I have always love mcdonalds French fries, however when I was pregnant with my first I hated the smell so much of them I couldn’t even go to mcdoalds. Soon as my son was born I was fine again.

Lux Soap lol… obsessed with it, I’ll find myself just washing my hands time and time again or I’ll open a new bar to just smell it… my 5th pregnancy and this is the first for anything like this :joy:

Double bubble gum lol

Dettol. I would clean every day with it, bath in it and carry a small bottle around with me to snif on demand :joy::joy:. Also spray and wipes and janola lol

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Craft beer. The hoppier the better.

Pinsol gasoline and comet with my oldest, dirt, sand and chlorine with my youngest

Cascade dishwasher tablets. Heavenly. Lol

The window air conditioner when you 1st turn it on, and the car ac i can’t get enough still and my youngest is 20

Clorox wipes n bleach :nerd_face:

The blue hand wash made me poorly. I could smell it sat in a cafe if somebody had used it on another table. 10 years on and I still get gaggy. I changed all the ones at work so I wasn’t puking all day.
I loved the smell of salt and vinegar snack a Jack’s and anything sweet (chocolate, boiled sweets etc etc)

Dryer sheets. Incense sticks. Ice cubes…if that makes sense.

Mans deodorant. And honestly both pregnancies has made me hate raw chicken. Lol I wouldn’t eat chicken and still am so bleh about it.

Loving the smell of any food and cleaning products😂