What is the weirdest smell you liked during pregnancy?

Bleach and regular pinesol have pretty much always been my favorite smells through all of my pregnancies.

Lauren Bird I loved the smell of cleaning products when pregnant with Lucie especially lemon bleach lol :joy: xx

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Chlorine and the smell of a plastic blow up pool just out of the box with my first and it stay through all of my pregnancies. 7 years later and they are still my favorite

Racket Ball ~ Ball and the New Tire smell

Toothepaste, gum, dish soap and bleach

Cleaning products! And MILK… which was so weird because I HATE milk. Guess my nose was just getting me ready for 12M+ :sweat_smile:

KFC :rofl: Buckets and buckets

Kerosene was my favorite smell

I have this perfume that I LOVE normally…since about 20 weeks though (I’m 36 now) it had stunk so bad to me. It smells like throat spray to me now…

Stachia Beaumont… lovely memory of you and discovering you had a thing for toilet cleaner :rofl::kissing_heart:

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Exhaust, grease (husband is a mechanic)

Bleach toilet cleaner :grimacing:

Pert Plus shampoo/conditioner

Iced up freezers,the smell of walk in chillers

Vanilla was my favorite. I would be throwing up and it would make me feel so much better

I loves the smell of jalapenos. And I’d eat them by the jar. I never liked them before or after, only during

kool-aid pickles, I HATE PICKLES!:nauseated_face:

Havent been pregnant (adopted my son) but I love the smell of gasoline and car exhaust.
Not like to eat or anything- I just think it smells so good, always have :woman_shrugging:t2:

Not really weird but the smell of my husband’s cologne would calm the morning sickness

The smell of big machines…the diesel burning. I couldnt ge3t enough of it!!