What is your cleaning schedule like?

Does anyone have a perfect cleaning schedule that they adhere to that allows you to keep up on dishes and laundry, as well as other cleaning chores and reorganizing/decluttering at the same time? Do you have a specific day for certain tasks? Do you go room by room? Looking to prioritize things a bit better, to have some leisure time and time to work from home while keeping up on chores


I ‘tidy’ every evening after kids go to bed which includes the days dishes a quick vacuum/sweep.
Friday’s are for mopping.
Saturday’s are for bathrooms and Sundays are for laundry. (I work 9 hour days mon-thurs)

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How old are your kids? Honestly they can help clean up. My 5 year old knows to put his shoes in the shoe rack plus the toys away. That would help alot in the cleaning process.


Cleaning day is Saturday morning, dishwasher is run during the night and emptied first thing in the morning and I do a load of laundry every day or so and fold and put it away so it’s not a huge task.

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I try to fold my laundry as soon as it’s done drying now and I do all the dishes each night after my kids go to bed. I do floors/dust etc on Saturday or Sunday and I vacuum then too. We live with my mother and I think she vacuums during the week when I’m not around to witness it bc she’s anal.

Bathroom once a week, I do dishes in the morning, hovering everyday (I have a very messy 2 year old daughter and 3 dogs and 2 cat :joy:) laundry is every two days, dusting,beds,and everything else is once every week

We load the dishwasher as we go during the day. My husband sets it to run at night after he hand washes any dishes that can’t go in the washer after dinner. The kitchen is straightened up together after dinner.
Deeper cleaning is done on weekly on weekends. My husband does laundry on Friday nights. Each family member has their pile of laundry that has been folded to put away. Dusting, floor cleaning, etc is done at the least weekly. My son is responsible for his bedroom, playroom and bathroom. My husband and I both work full-time, so it takes everyone pitching in.


This is gonna be long but here we go, I’ve been following this schedule for years. Sunday- make pancakes and waffles or other breakfasts for the week. Laundry, dishes, sweep, declutter, school (if you homeschool) and prep all outfits and projects for the week.
Monday- wipe down all appliances, school, laundry, dishes, declutter, vacuum.
Tuesday- laundry, dishes, school, sweep and mop, clean up bedrooms, clean switches and knobs and handles, declutter.
Wednesday- laundry, dishes, school, vacuum, bathrooms, water plants and clean windows, declutter.
Thursday- laundry, dishes, sweep, school, meal plan, shopping list, dust, tidy homeschool closet.
Friday- laundry, dishes, declutter, grocery shop, budget and pay bills, family time and eat out sometimes.
Saturday- laundry, dishes, declutter, all fun activities no school and no deep cleaning. “Day off”

I wash dishes as soon as im done using them, if im cooking im cleaning as i go. I clean in and under couches once a week. The key is really not letting everything pile up. Clean .as.you.go. If you used it, put it away right when youre finished. Lifesaver


Yeah clean every five minutes :rofl::rofl:

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What is cleaning?!? :rofl::rofl:
I have a 8 and 6 year old doing distance learning at home so can’t really clean too much since they need my help. I also have a 6 week old who is EBF and I pump for freezer stash. I clean when I can. Husband helps do bathrooms on weekends but kitchen is cleaned everyday if possible and laundry once a week maybe every other week

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Does anyone clean everyday and still have to clean everyday? Hahah THATS ME


How do i posy something anonymous in this group does anyone know…

I clean every day and do laundry every day and fold and put away before my kids get home from school and then after they go to bed I pick and put away what they missed from playing and homework. My kids are 7 & 13

I work 12 hr night shifts so I clean as I can. Usually on my set days off is when I do a deep clean and laundry. I wash dishes as I use them in the week, and pretty much do a 52 pick up while on my shift.

Every morning, I go “room by room”. Learned this year’s ago…just a few minutes in each room each morning helps tons. And…go to bed with empty clean kitchen sinks.


I pick up after my one year old all day long lol

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I don’t know if you call it a routine but my daily must dos are one load of laundry washed dried folded and put away and I load the dishwasher all day long and after dinner run it and empty if before bed so it can be loaded all the next day and no dishes stack up in the sink. We also change our trash daily. Other than that most things are as needed.
I just find that if I mess up my routine on laundry or dishes it makes a big difference.

Clean as I go. Dishes are washed immediately after using them. Living area cleaned everyday before I go to work. Husband has the kids clean their room every night before bed. I do all the laundry on Sundays cuz that’s my only day off.

Straightening up happens every night when the kids go to bed. Deep cleaning happens every other weekend.