What is your family getting your children (Non toy related)

So what is everyone getting their kids (or asking family members) for their kids for Christmas NON-TOY related!!! I’m basically looking for ideas for my 4 & 5-year-olds again non-toy related. Thank you!


Yearly passes to the zoo or aquarium were always a big hit when mine were little.

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Clothes, books, art supplies?

season passes to a zoo, water park, pool, or museum, a movie date with that relative or really any type of “date” with a relative

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Got my 5yr old this super cool teki blow up air fort!!

Hiking and camping supplies. Trail guides. Some pocket guides on animal tracks and scat.

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What else would a 4&5 year old want?


My mom got them guinea pigs and my stepmom is taking them to build a bear. I told everyone they have enough toys, books, and clothes (unless they want to buy 2 sizes up) and we would rather everyone not buy those things if they can help it. My dad is still buying them some toys and we got them a few small things, but I think everyone else is getting them money/gift cards.

Outschool gift cards, sewing kit, little kid recliner!

I’m getting my 5 year old a solar system rug and solar system stress balls (because he likes to make the planets and I know even with the rug he’ll still want to) he accidentally saw the rug when I was looking at it on my phone and he got so excited. Lol

Adventure gifts cards chuck e cheese, zoo, jump world, aquarium things to go do

Bean bag chair, ice skates (they’re building a rink in my town!)

Art supplies every year

I’m making a dress up wardrobe for my daughter…n filling it with costume accessories…wigs… jewelry…fancy dresses


Tent, sleeping bags, art supplies

In the past we have got some bits for our sons room like a print of the world and a little wooden chair. This year we have some camping bits.

Board game, books, family pass to the local zoo.

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Unfortunately our babies only have one grandparent left so nothing, only our prezzies but I did buy my best friends 4 children these beautiful night lights :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I told my parents to get the kids p’js. There almost all in their teens. I know it sounds weird, but when I asked them they all said pjs. It’s easy, and fun, and they live in them during the holidays. Like they get out if the dirty one’s and into clean ones.

Music lessons, riding lessons, swimming lessons, hockey equipment or sports equipment, day trip passes, dress up costumes and props are a few of my favourite ideas.