What is your favorite brand of birth control?

I have tried Nexplanon implant, Skyla IUD, and Sprintec pills birth controls, and all have had negative side effects. I have a history of depression/anxiety, and with all the birth controls I’ve tried, my mental health suffers greatly, and I am not myself.

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Nuvaring… I had terrible side effects with everything but the ring

I got pregnant on the paragard (IUD), so that would not be my choice!!

I enjoy the depo shot. Good for 3 months, no period to worry about

Currently on nexplanon, I HATE the weight gain from it !!!

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I also have depression, anxiety, and some other issues. All forms of hormonal birth control affected my mental health in a negative way. My best suggestion is find something non hormonal.


I have the copper iud, no hormones… so, no weight gain and I get to keep my sex drive :smiling_imp:

Have you tried the mini pills

I am starting my 3rd mirena. Totally forget it’s there. Not one single issue in 11 years

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Copper iud is the only thing that’s non hormonal

The Mirena is a nice bc I don’t feel it and I’ve not had any issues. I’ve had it almost 5 years

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I had the mirena and it completely screwed with my mind.
After I got that out I got the paragard and it’s been great, have had it for 6 years now.

I’m on nexplnon
I was on it before my son and back on it after I gain and loss wight like crazy

I’ve never tried another kind of birthcontrol
It does mess with moods

But its not for everyone
2 of my sisters had a hard time with it my oldest sister had to remove it
And my youngest sister got blood clot

So please make sure you use the right birth control

Nexplanon. I’m on my second one. No side effects except lack of a period lol

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Definitely not mirena. I’ve had it for 5 weeks and it has greatly affected my already existing mental health issues. I’ll be asking to get it removed.

Save yourself and get the copper IUD. No hormones. My sister died of a bloodclot in her lung due to birth control. She was on it for ten years. I wont ever put that shit in my body again

The copper IUD is non-hormonal and very effective.

I have been on depo before and I gained weight on that. Then I switched to nexplanon so I didn’t have to worry about it for 3 years. I actually lost weight on it, but my periods were never regular. But I never had cramps at all which was amazing. I got taken off of it while I figured out my medication for bipolar disorder. I just had a baby and plan to be put back on Nexplanon at my next appointment.

Good question. I’m currently on an anti depressant and before I started the medication I was taking hormonal birth control pills and the medication and birth didn’t work well together. So I stopped taking the birth control pills but now I need something else to take but I’m scared of seeing different side effects.

Have your man get a vasectomy so you dont have to. Long as your done having kids, your good.

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