What is your weekly budget?

What is your weekly budget for groceries/toiletries/laundry/gas for the car/ diapers/formula/baby food/clothing (baby always needs bigger sizes)? My husband is upset I’m having trouble managing with $200 a week. I need tips and tricks, anything!


Baby stuff isnt cheep

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It depends on what we need grocery wise. But some weeks we spend 200 on groceries alone for a family of 3. However I will also state that I tend to buy a lot of meat if it is something we use often and it’s a good price.

Depends really on the week. We are a family of 3 and 190 dollars has lasted us 3 weeks now.
My husband and I also are on the Keto diet so we don’t eat a crazy amount of eat.

There is 7 of us and it’s $150 a week.

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It is impossible to limit all of those things to $200.00. I think $400.00 is a much more realistic budget.


Go on FB market and buy your babes used clothing. You get a huge hauls for dirt cheap, plus you can get good used condition toys as well, saves alot of money. Depending how much your baby eats, buy 2 things of formula, will or should last a month


80 to 100 a week. Family of 6 update nvm that was just for groceries and shampoo laundry detergent etc.

We spend 150$ on gas and groceries a week.

Depends on the size of your household… but list out how much all the baby stuff costs and how much you use, gas, and groceries separately. You can’t just set a 200$ budget without being realistic about the actual cost of things and what you need.


We spend around $100 on groceries to last us 3 a week. I buy in bulk that way I dont run out as fast. $30 for gas (that’s dependent on your vehicle) and then around $50 for diapers, wipes, formula and baby food.

:joy::joy: every week, I put $40 in gas, at least $150 in groceries, 3 big cans of formula every 2-3 weeks ($36 each), and right now since baby is gonna be in size 3 diapers for a while, I will get a big box of diapers once a week to stock up ($25). We are a family of 3, baby will be 5 months on the 16th

Coupon! It helps tremendously. Buy the big boxes of diapers each month instead of small packs its cheaper that way. I don’t really have a budget though but for our family of 5 we spend about 500 a month on just groceries alone. :woman_shrugging:


Buy second hand off buy and sell groups for baby stuff! People are always selling or giving away that stuff!

Groceries, I do dollar stores for snacks and packages goods, toiletries. Amazon is also a great thing to utilize!

I can usually make $200 last 2 weeks with 5 kids and myself.

Buy bigger boxes of diapers/wipes so you dont have to everytime.

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For us it varies by week. My kids are out of diapers/formula so that helps so much. But you can always invest in cloth diapers. Use grocery store gas stations like Kroger so you can use fuel points. Get a deep freezer and stock up when they have a meat sale. Etc

After bills and stuff I normally have about $80-$100 left for a week and it lasts.

Depends where you live, since cost of living varies greatly. I would focus on a monthly budget so you can buy in bulk, instead of weekly

Go to a store like Aldi for groceries and paper products… get hand me downs from friends and relatives for clothes. So many people are looking to get rid of the clothes from their kids to declutter, take them!

$200 per week seems like a ton, but maybe that varies by where you live. In Ohio that would be way more than enough per week to take care of our family and dogs for everything you listed and we eat very healthy.

Dont eat out, cook from scratch! That will save a bunch.


Buy in bulk, coupon and shop sales as often as possible.

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